Q & A With London Real Estate Investment Experts, HULT Private Capital

HULT Private Capital is a leading investment fund specialist. Amrit Singh, from their UK Board of Directors, gives us an insight into the market.

Online PR News – 31-March-2022 – Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Amrit Singh sits on the UK Board of Directors at HULT Private Capital. His commitment to continuity of service between the different arms of the firm globally is undoubtedly part of the company’s charm with investors. Real estate is one of HULT's leading investment vehicles and Amrit details why that is and what the future holds for HULT and the market..

Q: Can you tell us how the Prime London Property market seems to be responding to the current economy?
A: “London has one of the leading real estate markets in the World. LonRes’s latest survey confirms sales in the upper echelon of the market has returned to pre-pandemic levels. The resilience London property shows, even in times of political and economic strain, is testament to the Capital’s inherent appeal. The average price per square foot in prime Central London has risen above £1800; that’s over 5% on what we were seeing 12 months ago. With or without the investment of oligarchs, there will always be a demand for London’s prime residences. ”

Our investor relations are dependent upon us maintaining an open forum building trust.

Q: You mentioned the withdrawal of Russian investment; has other foreign investment slowed?
A: “Quite the contrary. The departure and subsequent sale of Russian investment properties in London has created something of a buzz. We are seeing an influx of high-end real estate exchanging hands before they can be marketed. The demand remains strong from the US, Asia and the Middle East. In recent months, we have seen Gulf Islamic Investments Group secure £82million in funding for the redevelopment of a prime piece of Chelsea real estate.”

Q: In today’s market, what concerns are HULT Private Capital seeing investors present ?
A: “Our investor relations are dependent upon us maintaining an open forum; building trust. Our clients have been very open in coming forward with their questions as they arise, and the general consensus has been wanting to work with us to ensure their portfolios are built to withstand the rising levels of inflation and any economic fallout that we see materialise from what is happening in Europe. Being able to offer assurances that our investment vehicles are carefully structured with times such as these in mind brings about different conversations, where the question is not if we’ll withstand it, but at what level they’d like to see their portfolio mobilised.”

Q: What advice would you give anyone interested in investing for the future?
A: “Whilst we advocate for the ability to do well in tough economies, it is not without its pitfalls if you navigate it without experience. At the risk of sounding biased, HULT Private Capital our knowledge of the markets, particularly those we operate in, is unrivalled. We are aware of both their rewards and the risks, which is why the architecture of our business has always been at the centre of what we do. Our success has been testament to the structures that have been built and refined over time; our services have been honed by experts in every area of our operation and so it is not something I would recommend any investor tries to replicate alone, not when our services are available and proven!”

Investors seeking support in shaping their portfolio can contact HULT’s London office on +44 20 8123 5164, or the Dubai office on +97145664052. Alternatively, visit http://www.hultprivatecapital.com.

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