Media Street’s Web Hosting Now 100% Green!

To help combat climate change this at their business, Media Street is now using 100% renewable energy in their web hosting.

Online PR News – 25-March-2022 – Exeter, Devon – An Exeter Digital Agency, Media Street, is showing that they’re committed to combating climate change by powering their web hosting services with 100% renewable energy.

Hosting at Media Street will be exclusively powered by a combination of wind and solar energy, and not only that, their data centre has also been found to be extremely energy efficient, with a power usage effectiveness score of 1.12 - well above the industry average of 1.2.

This green hosting comes off the back of the knowledge that the internet uses on average 400 terawatt hours per year, and contributes to 3.7% of greenhouse gas emissions globally. By instituting a green energy initiative for their Devon web hosting services, as well as enacting the above measures to reduce their carbon footprint, Media Street are showing that a digital agency can still be successful while fighting climate change.

How Else Is Media Street Fighting Climate Change?

Not satisfied with only their green hosting services, Exeter Digital Agency, Media Street, is working to reduce its carbon footprint across the board and in as many ways as possible.

Ever since its inception in 2010, Media Street has been keenly aware of the paper, water, electricity, and anything else that is required to keep their Devon SEO & web design services up and running.

Just a few ways Media Street are working to minimise their consumption & climate impact are:

Double Insulation: The team has installed a double layer of insulation over the entire ceiling of Media Street’s Exeter offices, ensuring that minimal heating goes to waste during the winter, and power is not wasted keeping the workspaces cool during the summer months.

Airtight Windows: Nearly 20% of heating in a building is lost through the windows, a shocking waste of energy. To fight this, seals have been placed on all the windows to keep them airtight and prevent heat escaping & cold breezes sneaking in.

Timed Switches: Plug sockets that power computers, TV monitors and staff room appliances all run on set timers to prevent power being wasted overnight. These plugs switch on at 8:30am and then off again at 5:45pm - ensuring that power is only supplied during working hours. As one example, this innovation reduced the power usage of the main server from 26KW.h per month 12.5 KW.h.

Going Paperless: Media Street is committed to only using paper when it is absolutely necessary, such as for confidential or important information, minimising their paper usage to an estimate of 100 pieces per year.

Infrared Heating Systems: These systems are more economically and environmentally friendly, allowing Media Street to keep staff comfortable but maintaining a commitment to a small carbon footprint.

Smart Lighting: This has been installed throughout their Exeter offices in order to reduce electricity consumption. These function using motion sensors that switch off the lights in empty hallways after five minutes.

Web Hosting With Media Street - Competitive, Affordable, And With Excellent Customer Service

If you’re an individual or business in need of web hosting in Devon, or anywhere else in the UK, at Media Street you can be confident that you’re getting the best service and still helping to combat climate change.

Visit their website to view the full range of SEO, web design, and hosting services, or contact their team directly by phone on 01392 914033 or by email at They are always happy to work with you to find the best digital marketing & hosting packages for your business.