New blog release – Wallpaper | MEHR ApS

The Press Release is about a new blog on the MEHR ApS website, covering the rise of popularity in wallpapers and how to put it up yourself.

Online PR News – 25-March-2022 – Horsens, Denmark – Mehr Aps have just released a blog about how to set up wallpaper, the benefits you can experience from having wallpaper from all the aesthetic stuff to the mood it brings. But also, why you might want to consider getting your professional painter to do the job.

The blog has been underway for a bit, but MEHR ApS are finally ready to release all the benefits you get from having wallpaper in your private house along with the joy and feeling I gives.

On the blog you can read exactly what benefits you get are. But it includes the quality the products and what you can expect from having different types of wallpaper. And if you get your painter to do the job instead of yourself. You would also get a satisfaction guarantee, so you are sure the painter took care of the job.

Furthermore, the blog actually gives you some good guidelines in order to be as successful as possible when trying to put wallpaper on yourself. It also covers the things that tend to go wrong for the average person and gives you advice on how to avoid that.

The blog also goes into the increase off interest on wallpaper, and the fact that it is moving more and more into private homes. But since the design and feeling the wallpaper brings into a private home is so valued, means that it’s also getting to be a more obvious choice to go with the wallpaper.

MEHR ApS is a two-part company running a painting company and a website with a physical shop as well, where you can buy Flügger products. There are around 20 people working at the painting firm at the moment. For more information about our service offerings visit our website, or call us at 75 66 52 19

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