uLearn.io Partners with Renowned Tennessee-Based University

To make online exams cheat-proof and test-taking process more streamlined, Tennessee-based university has selected uLearn.io as its online proctoring partner.

Online PR News – 24-March-2022 – Princeton, New Jersey – Hybrid schooling includes students attending either online or offline lectures and assessments, depending on whichever option is safer, more effective, and convenient for them and the school staff. Currently, the unpredictable trajectory of the pandemic has forced schools to adopt this hybrid learning model for their learners, causing a degree of confusion on a daily basis. Even renowned educational institutes, such as Fisk University, strive to alternate between online and on-site lectures and exams. To make its online exams cheat-proof and the test conduction process more streamlined, the Tennessee-based university has selected uLearn.io as its online proctoring partner. uLearn.io is a prominent online proctoring platform that uses customizable AI-powered test proctoring software for optimizing online and hybrid tests for educational institutes and learners.

Like most educational institutes that carry out remote learning and examinations, Fisk University uses a Learning Management System (LMS) wherein learners can find their assignments, exam syllabi, course material, and other curriculum-related data. For conducting remote assessments, the university is expected to integrate uLearn with its LMS. uLearn’s proctoring tool possesses the LTI capabilities that make this integration seamless and quick. uLearn is compatible with devices running on all kinds of platforms, such as Windows, Mac, and others.

From the institute’s perspective, tests can be scheduled either at a fixed time or at the test taker’s convenience. To set up a test, a teacher can select the type of questions — multiple choice questions, brief answer questions, or in other formats — before finalizing settings regarding test duration and learner notifications. Before a remote test begins, students need to install an extension on their web browsers that will then enable them to begin the exam. Most malware and other cyber-threats are initiated when a user accidentally downloads malicious software on their device. By not making students download the proctoring software on their device, uLearn’s assessment proctoring tool prevents malware or virus attacks.

Most importantly, once an exam starts, uLearn’s platform uses AI-based motion monitoring to autonomously detect instances of cheating by a test-taking candidate. Candidates are given warnings and flags to discourage them from cheating. In this way, online tests are carried out with high integrity. While the monitoring is relentless to prevent cheating, student privacy is not compromised. Human invigilators involved in the process are prohibited from viewing candidates below their shoulder level to eliminate the ‘creep factor’ normally associated with online proctoring.

To ensure the security of candidate data, uLearn’s proctoring tool only uses their information for the duration of a test. The institute has the final say regarding how candidates’ data is stored and used. All these features and benefits can be used for online as well as hybrid tests.

Regarding the alliance, Jeenal Ganatra, Marketing Head, uLearn.io, said, “We wish to continue making steady inroads into the North American market with our world-class online proctoring platform. Establishing a partnership with a top institute such as Fisk University is a step towards that direction. Through our AI-powered proctoring application, we are aiming to eliminate the barriers between online assessments and on-campus exams for educational institutes”.