Accel Research Sites recruiting smokers for cessation study

DeLand trial seeks current daily smokers 18 and older

Online PR News – 22-March-2022 – LAKE MARY, Fla. – While rates of smoking in adults in the U.S. have declined over the last decade, millions of people still smoke. And for those who do and want to quit, it can still be a struggle.

Those people will soon have a new resource available to them via a clinical trial at Accel Research Sites. Accel Research Sites will be conducting a study for an investigational medicine, which is meant to reduce withdrawal side effects for those trying to quit smoking.

The trial will take place at the DeLand site with Dr. Bruce Rankin at the principal investigator.

“Quitting smoking can feel impossible,” Dr. Rankin said. “This trial is a great example of how clinical trials can be beneficial to many people and give them access to the latest support and resources in medicine. We hope it is able to make a big difference.”

The investigational medicine partially mimics nicotine in the body, helping to reduce the feeling that participants want more and making it easier to overcome withdrawal side effects that often prevent people from quitting smoking. The drug will be administered by a pill taken three times daily.

Participants will be monitored over the course of 24 weeks and will be compensated for time and travel. Those 18 and older who currently smoke daily and who have tried to quit previously are eligible for the trial.

The double-blind study will give participants a two-in-three chance of receiving the medicine, while one in three will receive a placebo.

Those interested in participating can visit A member of the Accel team will follow up to determine eligibility.

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