Golly-Oodle-Lolly! New Picture Book Encourages Word Fun and Lots of Questions!

New children's picture book, Golly-Oodle-Lolly!, features an irresistible puppy and lots of curious words, encouraging active storytime and lots of questions!

Online PR News – 18-March-2022 – Williamsburg, VA – Kids and grown-ups alike can't get enough of the rascally pup from Tale Wagger Stories. Little ones can relate to his well-meant mischief and fun-loving escapades as he grows and learns through everyday activities, just like they do!

The Rascally Pup Series
With the upcoming launch of book two, Golly-Oodle-Lolly!, the Rascally Pup Learns and Grows series is officially established. Devoted to encouraging active storytimes and language curiosity, these rhyming children's picture books include lively, colorful illustrations that beautifully capture the antics of the high energy pup. The stories incorporate interesting words and phrases to spark a child's curiosity and encourage repetition, which is so important to the learning process.

Research shows a child’s success in reading and learning is strongly influenced by the size of their vocabulary. The Rascally Pup books don’t shy away from “big” words. Golly-Oodle-Lolly! is packed with words to make children laugh and ask what they mean. The book also comes with a free download for the What the Dickens does that Mean?! Cheat Sheet.

The end goal is to subtly teach self-empowerment to young children through the books, by creating stories that encourage them to be active rather than passive, to be curious and ask questions. The idea is if children learn early on that their thoughts and ideas matter, and they are comfortable in their own creativity through active story participation, they will gain an inner strength and sense of self to ultimately set them up for a life of success and happiness.

What the Dickens?!?!: The Tale of a Rascally Pup
As a brand-new family member in What the Dickens?!?!: The Tale of a Rascally Pup, our mischievous character hasn’t yet learned his manners, but through rambunctious interactions with the family’s prim and proper Grandma, begins to grasp the importance of being a helpful member of the family and may even win Grandma’s love and affection.

The new pup is obsessed with Grandma’s hankie, which naturally creates a built-in story activity where children can mimic the action using a washcloth or handkerchief.

New Release! Golly-Oodle-Lolly!: One Fine Day with a Rascally Pup
Now, his world is about to go from humdrum to humdinger! Wait, what?? Our rascally pup is growing up! He’s learned mundane words like down, sit, and stay. But if he really listens…WOW! There’s so much more to say.

Come along with Dickens on his rollicking boardwalk adventure. Meet roller skating Eddie with a mound of spaghetti, and Molly as she shops for a huge lollipop. Who knows what may be around the next corner!

No need for a bumbershoot on this splendiferous day! You and your little ones will be gobsmacked by the kaleidoscope of fantastical words that are all around you every day…if you just listen.

This charming book with its engaging illustrations and fun, surprising words prompts lots of questions! It is perfect for Pre-K through early elementary school aged children, but don’t be surprised if it grabs the attention of older siblings too.

Author and Creative Team
Tammy Kersey is a children’s picture book author and founder of Tale Wagger Stories, the website she hopes to grow and transform into an online inspirational resource for parents who seek to instill confidence, creativity, and self-empowerment in their young children.

Tammy has a degree in History from William & Mary and has worked as a marketing professional for most of her career. She lives in Williamsburg, VA with her husband, Ian, and enjoys visiting their adult children, Emily and Andrew. The Tale Wagger Stories team includes two new rascally pups, Mosby and Dickens (of course), who work hard to provide a source of daily inspiration and joy.

The What the Dickens?!?! team, with illustrator Lindsey C. Finch and editor Molly Hunter Korroch, is back again to create Golly-Oodle-Lolly!: One Fine Day with a Rascally Pup, a rhyming children’s picture book, with 33 captivating, full color illustrations.

Author signed copies are available from TaleWaggerStories.com. Both books are also available on Amazon and most major online book retailers.