New Book by Joram Piatigorsky: Roger's Thought-Particles

New York, NY – ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to present the latest work by Joram Piatigorsky: Roger's Thought-Particles

Online PR News – 18-March-2022 – New York, NY – “An intriguing…ideas-driven tale of a haunted scientist.” —Kirkus Reviews

“If you have wondered about the thoughts and goals of a research scientist, read this novel by the distinguished scientist/author, Joram Piatigorsky. Roger’s journey through a life of science will give you the insight you seek.” —Robert Wurtz, NIH Scientist Emeritus, member National Academy of Sciences U.S.A.

“Roger’s Thought-Particles enters no-man’s land on the frontier between imagination and science. There’s nobody better suited to probe this terrain than scientist Joram Piatigorsky.”—Roger Herst, Author of The Rabbi Gabrielle Series.

“A thoughtful novel about the nature of thinking, Roger’s Thought-Particles is by turns philosophical, speculative, and even madcap. Most of all, it’s a pleasure to read from start to finish.”—Zach Powers, Author of First Cosmic Velocity

“In the current era of contagions, pandemics, and the melding of science and suspicions, the living hallucinations and thought particles in this imaginative and colorful work will infect readers with possibility, optimism and creative alternatives to the concept of reality and inoculate against boredom!”—Ronda Beaman, Founder and Executive Director, Dream Makers SLO, Clinical Professor, Orfalea College of Business, and author of My Feats in These Shoes

“Reading this novel is a fun, suspenseful adventure.” --Douglas Alan Walrath, Author of The Daredancers

“Joram Piatigorsky's novel, Roger's Thought Particles, melds storytelling and philosophy in a single work.”--Lewis J. Beilman III, author of The Changing Tide

“Piatigorsky not only grasps the language of science, he presents a compelling look inside the mind, leaving readers to ponder whether thoughts are our own or transferred from one another by simply being in the same room.” --Tara Lynn Marta, Author of Look Back to Yesterday and Dreaming Through the Eyes of God

“…we hold on to our hats as Dr. Roger Resin, a respected and award-winning scientist, arrogantly barges his way through the halls of the Vision Science Center on a quest to find a way to associate belief and optimism within the rigorous discipline of the scientific method.” - James White, Author of Borders in Paradise and Ransoms Are for Amateurs

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Title: Roger's Thought-Particles: A novel

Author: Joram Piatigorsky

Publisher: Adelaide Books

Publisher Website:

Publisher Email:

ISBN: 978-1955196680

Price: $19.60

Page Count: 270 pages

Formats: Paperback and eBook

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