Showroom in progress - MEHR ApS

This press release is a announcement for the showroom that is gonna be connected to the shop, where Mehr ApS is selling their painting products

Online PR News – 18-March-2022 – Horsens, Denmark – MEHR ApS is announcing an up scale of the operations, by getting a showroom right next to the shop. Where multiple products will be displayed.

The showroom idea has been discussed quite a lot internally at MEHR ApS, but it has now been decided that it’s going to happen. The showroom will be placed right besides the shop, so that customers can go and have a look at the products in the showroom.

A lot of the different products will be on display in the showroom, that goes for both different types of paint but also different styles and colors of putty/fillers. With all the other different products we have for sale on the website.

The date for which the showroom will open its doors are yet to be determined. But it is expected to open later in 2022 or at the latest in the beginning of 2023. Depending on how busy the shop is going be moving forward. But also, how many projects the painting firm gets in the future.

We will announce a date for the opening when it’s clear to us, but all of MEHR ApS are looking forward to displaying the products in a proper way. So the customers can get a feeling of how It’s supposed to look in their home.

MEHR ApS is a two-part company running both a painting company and a website with a physical shop as well, where you can buy Flügger paint. There atm. around 20 people working at the painting firm. For more information about our service offerings visit our website, or call us at 75 66 52 19

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