United For OpenGrowth Academy’s Webinar To Support Women Entrepreneurs And Break Gender Inequality

OpenGrowth Academy organized a free webinar that discussed women entrepreneurs, challenges at work, and gender inequality.

Online PR News – 15-March-2022 – Palo Alto – OpenGrowth Academy organized a free webinar on Friday 11th March 2022 on “Women Entrepreneurs: Boosting Startups & Challenging Gender Inequality”. The webinar was chaired by Prof. Usha Raghunath, Vice President, National Coaching Council WICCI and conducted by Akriti Verma, Co-founder & Director, Opengrowth Academy.

This webinar gave insights on the real issues women entrepreneurs face in organizations. Prof. Usha, said, “while facing biases, challenge it right there, the situation doesn’t matter. It shows your conviction, understanding and how confident you are. Don’t get angry in order to do so.

Addressing the audience about how women entrepreneurs can break through organizational gender-based barriers, she shared, “Change always happens, one woman at a time! Every time we face challenges in entrepreneurship, we are sculpting ourselves for the entrepreneur journey, shaping the business we created.”

Gender inequality prevails in our society. While starting a venture or being in a leadership position, women face bias and prejudice. Sometimes, as females, we ourselves doubt our potential. However, this webinar was helpful for women entrepreneurs to break the stereotypes and achieve their dreams.

The participants also got the opportunity to get OpenGrowthHub free for one month.” The event concluded with Akriti Verma giving a closing note. She also highlighted various services offered by OpenGrowth Academy and its initiatives, OpenGrowth Hub and OpenGrowth Community.

The event saw participation from students and professionals from various fields.

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