The Dover Patrol Restaurant and Bar Now Serves Breakfast

The Dover Patrol Restaurant now offers breakfast, and are they ever delectable!

Online PR News – 11-March-2022 – Dover, Kent – Good news for those who like to start their day with a bang (or those who work night shifts and would like to end their day with a really good meal). The Dover Patrol Restaurant now offers breakfast, and are they ever delectable! Foodies of all ages looking for the best Dover restaurants should look no more because their breakfast menu will not fall short of your expectations.

Patrol Breakfast

On top of their new breakfast additions is the Patrol Breakfast which consists of cumberland sausage, baked beans, baked bacon, grilled tomato, hash browns, black pudding, field mushroom and your choice of egg. This is a heavy platter of classic breakfast favourites and is something you could order if you wish to fill up your energy levels. Vegetarian and vegan portions are available upon request for those who would like to order something lighter but with just as much variety.

Eggs Galore

They also have eggs royale, eggs benedict and eggs florentine on the menu. Eggs royale is paired with salmon, eggs benedict with carved ham and eggs florentine with water spinach. All come with the restaurant’s classic hollandaise sauce. All eggs are free-range, and you can be sure that you are not only paying for delectable food but healthy and organic dishes as well.

Classic scrambled with salmon

If you feel like having your classic fluffy scrambled eggs with toast, the classic scrambled eggs with salmon on the menu are fast favourites. While not at varied at the Patrol Breakfast, this classic is just as filling and flavourful.

Sweet waffles

If you feel like satisfying your sweet tooth during breakfast or if you are dining at the Dover Patrol with your kid, waffles are also included in the menu. As this spot is one of the best restaurants in Dover, expect more than just your plain jane waffles at the beachside. They serve their waffles big and it comes with maple syrup, a generous serving of heavy cream and your choice of fresh fruit.

Fresh from the sea

Their location so close to the sea gives this restaurant an advantage. They are able to serve fresh seafood, straight from the sea, to their clients at a price considerably lower than other restaurants in the area. The way they cook and prepare the dishes is also unmatched.

Opening hours

Breakfast at the Dover Patrol is served from 9 AM to 11 AM daily starting March 5. After 11 AM, you may enjoy Dover Patrol’s fresh and lip-smacking servings of seafood and steaks. What makes breakfast at this restaurant fantastic, aside from the excellent cooking skills of the chefs here and the service their staff provides, is the unprecedented view of the harbour. Unfortunately, as of this writing, dogs are not allowed in the vicinity yet. However, this is an excellent venue for early morning work conferences or just your personal breakfast alone time before you set out for work.

To know more about the Dover Patrol, visit their website at They are located along The Esplanade, Dover, Kent. To reserve a table, you may call 01304207740 or email them at