Tbhi Organizes Webinar On Telehealth Autism Assessment During & Post-Covid-19

San Diego - A webinar entitled, Telehealth Autism Assessment During & Post-COVID-19

Online PR News – 09-March-2022 – San Diego – The webinar faculty will feature Catherine Lord, Ph.D., Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry and Education, University of California, Los Angeles; Michael Morrier, Ph.D., BCBA-D, Associate Professor, Emory University School of Medicine; Allison Schwartz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Emory University School of Medicine; and Christopher J. Smith, Ph.D. Chief Science Officer, Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center (SARRC). The event is being hosted by the Telebehavioral Health Institute (TBHI Telehealth.org) and will be moderated by Marlene M. Maheu, Ph.D.

The webinar is geared for clinicians who have experience evaluating and diagnosing children with autism, but may not have had exposure to newer telehealth platforms that further enable their clinical activities. By attending this webinar, clinicians will hear from industry-leading autism clinical researchers who have been using telehealth to facilitate remote autism assessment with children under the age of seven. The webinar will also reference some research that help validate the use of telehealth, plus practice management issues including reimbursement. Future directions including using telehealth for co-morbidities and diagnosing and treatment support for older people.

Learning Objectives

Attendees will be able to:

Describe evidence-based asynchronous and synchronous ways for telehealth autism evaluation in young children to gather evidence and facilitate reporting.
Describe how to incorporate autism screeners, in-person interactions, and parent-report assessment instruments into a telehealth assessment with children to elicit desired behaviors to test at home.
Describe how the NODA (Naturalistic Observation Diagnostic Assessment) can be used in a clinic's diagnostic services.
Examine the implications of doing telehealth autism assessments with older patients.

The 1-hour webinar is intended for professionals already familiar with autism assessment who want to add or improve telehealth autism assessment to their practice. They will learn about assessment instruments used including BOSCC, BOSA, NODA, and innovations in realtime telehealth that facilitate remote autism diagnosis.


This is no-cost event to be made available to the professional community only. Research reported in this webinar was supported by the National Institute of Mental Health under Award Number 5R44MH112470. The content is solely the responsibility of the authors and does not necessarily represent the official views of the National Institutes of Health.


To register for this training and get proof of attendance, go to: https://telehealth.org/telehealth-autism/

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