BM and TAB(China), Korea-China Pilates Health Industry Strategic Joint Agreement Signed

BM Co., Ltd., and TAB, signed a "Korea-China Pilates Health Industry Strategy Joint Agreement" at BM's office on the morning of the 4th.

Online PR News – 09-March-2022 – Yeongdeungpo-gu – BM Co., Ltd., which operates a studio with a domestic expertise-based Pilates academy, and TAB, which leads the rehabilitation business and fitness market in China, signed a "Korea-China Pilates Health Industry Strategy Joint Agreement" at BM's office on the morning of the 4th.

This consultation is a large-scale project prepared since 2019 as a strategic joint venture to enter the health industry of each country. Although frustrated by the COVID-19 crisis, BM and TAB are planning to enter the pilates and fitness markets in each country, starting with online non-face-to-face lectures in 22 years through continuous exchanges over the past three years.

BM said it will do its best to promote K-sports content thanks to the K-sports craze in China, and predicted that this strategic joint venture could be a trigger for the development of the stagnant Pilates and fitness markets.

Park Joo-hyung, CEO of BM, said, "It was a difficult time due to COVID-19, but I expect it to be an opportunity to overcome the crisis."

CEO Park Joo-hyung is the CEO of BM Co., Ltd. and has the following history.
CEO of BM Corporation.
CEO of Pilates Fitness Business Federation.
Director of the Korea Sports Industry Association.
Chairman of BM Scholarship Association, a non-profit corporation.
An adjunct professor of sports science at Seoul National University.
An adjunct professor of sports science at Hanyang University.
President of the Core Pilates Association.
Representative/author of domestic and foreign sports science books, co-author/author

(Overcoming Gravity, self-care for firefighters, free-hab exercise to prevent injuries, scientific muscle exercises and bodybuilding, textbooks for Pilates leaders and instructors, anatomy easy study, and muscle science easy.
Study, improvement of musculoskeletal pain, HTS taping books, etc.)
SCI (E) at home and abroad, KCI-level papers.

- Low 6-Minute Walk Distance and Muscle Mass Predict Drop out in Cardiac Rehabilitation
- Effect of social value orientation of sports clubs on team commitment and exercise continuity intention.
- The effect of soft tissue utilization techniques on the maximum muscle strength, ROM, and pain of the knee joint of a bodybuilder with PFPS

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