Rego Consulting Acquires BoostTBM

Rego Consulting has acquired BoostTBM, a leading Apptio services provider.

Online PR News – 04-March-2022 – Centerville, Utah – Rego Consulting announced on March 1st that the company has acquired BoostTBM, a leading Apptio consulting firm.

This acquisition will allow Rego to continue to gain market share, offer additional Apptio services and products, and position themselves as a more significant partner in the Apptio ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled to work with Joshua Roberto, as well as the whole BoostTBM team. Rego remains committed to providing our customers with access to the best Agile, TBM, and project management tools on the market, and we’re confident that BoostTBM will be a brilliant addition to our Apptio offering.”
– Dan Greer, President, Rego Consulting

BoostTBM provides end-to-end implementations and services for the Apptio Technology Business Management Tool, which includes support, configuration, adoption, integrations, and reporting.

Apptio is an IT Financial Management tool that unifies financial and operational data into a cohesive model. It uses sophisticated rules along with focused metrics and KPIs to answer the most strategic questions about investments, budgeting, and forecasting processes. This allows teams to uncover opportunities to optimize cost structures, reduce risk, and accelerate growth more efficiently. In turn, this frees up more time for innovation so your company can gain a competitive edge.

Rego Consulting launched its Apptio consulting practice in 2018. Over the past 4 years Rego has built an incredible team of seasoned Apptio experts, supporting a growing list of customers. Rego has an intense focus on helping organizations achieve a higher return on their Apptio investment.

“We are incredibly excited for BoostTBM to join the Rego family and merge our Apptio teams. We see so much potential synergy in the complimentary skills and offerings between the two teams. Working together is going to further accelerate our growth and ensure we are always providing the very best service to our respective customers.”
– Doug Greer, Apptio Practice Managing Director, Rego Consulting.

Rego and BoostTBM will continue to help companies achieve a higher return by energizing their Apptio environment with more efficient configurations, higher performance, greater reliability and professional support.

For the near future, Rego and BoostTBM will operate under their current brand names but will share resources and assets. Existing BoostTBM clients can expect a high level of support to be maintained throughout the acquisition process.