OSET Institute Launches Dead Men Don’t Vote Podcast

OSET Institute has launched a new podcast called Dead Men Don't Vote, an investigation into all of the mystery and controversy around voting.

Online PR News – 02-March-2022 – Los Angeles, California – Last night, the OSET Institute’s TrustTheVote® Project dropped the first episode of their new podcast Dead Men Don’t Vote – aimed at demystifying the American election process.

Have you ever wondered how American elections actually work? What happens after you cast your ballot? What do election results you see on TV really mean? Is vote-by-mail secure? What actually is an election audit? How are foreign countries trying to interfere with our elections? Do dead people actually vote? Questions like these can plague the minds of voters across the U.S. and too often, the search for answers thrusts you down a hyper-partisan rabbit hole — further confusing those in search of facts. This is where elections experts from the TrustTheVote Project come in, prepared to answer all your burning questions and unpack the process of American elections on their just-launched podcast, Dead Men Don’t Vote (spoiler alert, sometimes they do!).

The podcast—hosted by OSET Institute co-Founder Gregory Miller, a non-practicing lawyer, software industry veteran and elections technology transparency advocate, together with OSET Institute co-Founder John Sebes, a cyber-security and tech expert, and OSET Institute Board Member Cameron Quinn, a 20-year veteran of election administration—provides a deep dive into how our elections work, how the American voter can help improve the process, and helps restore confidence in American democracy.

“American elections have never been as hot a topic as now,” said Gregory Miller, OSET Institute co-founder and host of the podcast. “We just learned from a Public Agenda and USAToday poll that fewer than one in ten Americans believe political rancor between Americans will decrease in the next 10 years, compared to nearly half who think it will increase. Understanding how American democracy works and elections has never been more important.”

Dead Men Don’t Vote was born from this need to rise above the partisan noise and unravel what can and must be done to make our elections more verifiable, accurate, secure and transparent in process, while examining the confusion and controversy about how elections actually work. Miller added, “Considering the volume of inquiries we’ve received in the aftermath of the 2020 election, it became clear we must do this.”

In addition to answering all of your election related questions, Dead Men Don’t Vote will include interviews with leading experts and other guests concerned about restoring faith in American democracy, explores election controversies, and breaks down election administration—from voter registration, to ballot casting and counting, results reporting, on through to certification and audits.

The first episode of Dead Men Don’t Vote can be found on Spotify, iTunes, and other major podcast platforms. New episodes will be released initially once a month, and by late spring every two weeks. Tune in—the future of our country’s democracy depends on it.

About the OSET Institute
The OSET Institute is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit non-partisan election technology research, development and education organization founded in late 2006, based in Silicon Valley. A team of veteran technologists leads the Institute with extensive software, hardware and systems design experience from well-known companies including Apple, Mozilla, Netscape, and Sun Microsystems. The Institute’s mission is to increase confidence in elections and their outcomes through research, development, and advancement of publicly-available election administration technology, election cybersecurity, and related public policy in defense of democracy and as a matter of national security. The OSET Institute’s TrustTheVote® Project provides publicly available software technology, such as the 3rd party voter registration platform used by RockTheVote™ and others, and provides other election administration technology to governments. Work is based on open-source principles to ensure this critical government technology is an imperative public asset.

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