Umbria Network and Mining Life LLC Announce Integration and Cross-Promotion Partnership

The cheapest and fastest cross-chain bridge saves crypto miners time and money.

Online PR News – 24-February-2022 – Vero Beach, Florida – The Umbria Network, an industry-leading ecosystem that includes the fastest and cheapest cross-chain bridge in the market, staking pools with zero impermanent loss, and a decentralized exchange with an automated liquidity protocol, has partnered with Mining Life LLC, a crypto mining company that mines Bitcoin and Ethereum, to promote the benefits of using Umbria's cross-chain bridge and staking pools for Ethereum (ETH) miners.

After the implementation of Ethereum’s protocol EIP-1559, mining pools like Ethermine informed ETH miners that they would cease to pay the transactions fees for payouts to the Ethereum network. However, Ethermine advised ETH miners to send their payouts to the Polygon network to cover future transaction fees. Mining Life LLC chose to have their payouts sent to the Polygon network, but to transfer the assets from the Polygon Network to the Ethereum Network cost hundreds of dollars and sometimes hours to transfer, until Mining Life CEO Daniel Diaz came across the Umbria Networks cross-chain bridge.

"After mining our Ethereum to the Polygon Network from August through October of 2021, I was not happy with all the fees and the time it took to transfer our investors mined assets from Polygon to Ethereum using the official Matic Bridge. In November, I found the Umbria Narni Bridge and was amazed at how cheap and fast the bridge was able to transfer our mined assets across one network to the other.

Not only have we saved thousands of dollars in fees and hours of wait time, but I can also stake our assets in their staking pools and earn our investors even greater yields with zero impermanent loss. I would recommend all Ethereum miners to switch to the Umbria Networks cross-chain bridge and staking pools."

Along with agreeing to use the Umbria Narni Bridge to bridge their mined assets, Mining Life has also decided to add the Umbria Narni Bridge widget on their websites, http:// & http://www.mining, to help promote their protocols.

Barney Chambers, Co-Founder of the Umbria Network, had the following to say about their first partnership with a mining company:
"At Umbria, we are excited to partner with Mining Life to help users onboard to the Polygon blockchain and take advantage of the low cost and fast transactions speeds of this layer two blockchains." He also added, "Miners of Ethereum will now have the ability to move their mined earnings to the Polygon blockchain, to take advantage of the lower fees and faster transaction speed available on Polygon. This will enable Mining Life clients to take advantage of the wealth of DeFi applications of Polygon."

Mining Life LLC is a cryptocurrency mining company based in Vero Beach, Florida. Its mission is to help people become financially free through crypto mining. The Umbria Network is a DeFi project. Its mission is to make the transfer of assets between blockchains as cheap and simple as possible for users while still providing great ROI to people who lend liquidity to the protocol.