vSecureLabs launches the IAM Service

Authenticate, authorize and control user access to your digital assets...

Online PR News – 23-February-2022 – Aurora, Illinois – vSecureLabs announces the launch of the Identity and Access Management (IAM) Service.

This service mitigates cyber risks, insider threats and provides you with a complete control over who can access your digital assets and the level of privileges they have.

The main goal of the service is to identify, prevent, and eliminate security threats in your enterprise while keeping you on track with your business objectives.

It assists your enterprise in implementing appropriate security policies across all the systems, platforms, apps, and devices and acts as a centralized management solution.

This IAM service by vSecureLabs is much more than a solution for your enterprise.

You can provide secure access to all your employees, contractors, third-party vendors, remote, mobile users, and customers, irrespective of their location.

It is said that your credentials are your baseline defense, and once they are down, everything else follows.

Compromised credentials and easily cracked passwords are one of the most prominent entry points for cyber attackers and criminals, whose intent is to steal sensitive data or deploy ransomware into your system.

In general, many people find it difficult to manage their passwords and there are several reasons for this.

Few reasons are -

* Need to manage too many accounts

* Remembering which password belongs to which account

* Not able to remember unique passwords for each account

The most efficient solution to all these problems is to have an effective IAM product and service.

IAM ensures that each user is only provided with the required access to the assets, which they need to get their work done.

vSecurelabs IAM service comes with few additional benefits like:

* All users and services are thoroughly verified, approved, and audited.

* Enterprises can better govern their users by granting access and privileges based on the user roles and policies.

* Prevents your enterprise from internal and external data breaches, including identity theft, stolen credentials, phishing and ransomware attacks.

* The effort, time, and cost to manually manage access/privileges is minimized.

* Ensures compliance with corporate policies, standards and government regulations.

About vSecureLabs:

vSecureLabs is a US-based companythat helps to secure enterprises against cyber-attacks by reducing operational costs and redundant tasks.

It was founded in 2015 with the goal of identifying, preventing, and eliminating security threats from your enterprise.

We have experts with over 20+ years of core experience in IT Security and we provide the right Identity & Access Management (IAM)Solution to suit your business needs.

For more information, visit: https://vsecurelabs.co/


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