Katahide Survey Shows that One of the Major Priorities Is Charitable Engagement

Philanthropy lately became an important engagement for a large number of investors.

Online PR News – 22-February-2022 – Japan, Osaka – Katahide, a professional asset management firm with investment management skills across all major areas of the global capital markets, which is constantly improving its existing platforms and value-creation expertise via innovation, today reported the results of a philanthropic behavior survey conducted among investors both locally and internationally, which highlights the importance of charity. The great majority of contributors place a high value on charitable donations.

According to the findings, more than 80% of respondents have engaged in charitable behavior in the previous quarters, either through their Donor Advised Funds with the business or through their own individual avenues. When it was about to rate various charity activities such as contributing to undeveloped places with social impact giving, more than 50% of respondents said they would like to help the most affected stagnating areas. A significant number of investors have been donating in ways that have a direct beneficial impact.

“According to the results of our study, the majority of upper-income investors have made charitable contributions a top priority. My colleagues and I were interested in conducting this research because of what we see every day in our work, as more and more customers ask for good guidance and advise on how to make a difference with their charitable contributions”, said Hisakawa Rumiko, Head of Asia Pacific Region, Katahide.

According to the current study, volunteering activity within the same group of contributors is not as significant due to the fact that just about a quarter of philanthropists with a high income can find the time to volunteer. However, this number rises during holidays.

Philanthropy is seen as a monitor of ideals in every community, since it is the most universal quality shared by individuals from all walks of life. I believe the survey demonstrates that our contributors are devoted to make a difference for people who are less fortunate, whether via financial means or volunteering.

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