EOS Earns India's Most Valuable Workplace ® award by WCRC

Eureka outsourcing solutions, a world leader, has recently received the coveted title of ‘India’s Most Valuable Workplace®’

Online PR News – 22-February-2022 – Mumbai – Summary: Eureka outsourcing solutions, a world leader in the space of delivering outsourcing services, has recently received the coveted title of ‘India’s Most Valuable Workplace®’. As EOS keeps pace with the velocity of change the BPM sector is witnessing, EOSite influencers speak about the culture fostered at EOS that makes their employees’ workday productive as well as rewarding.

Eureka Outsourcing Solutions was awarded the title of ‘India's Most Valuable Workplace’ by WCRCINT®. The renowned media house uses a unique employee-centric framework that measures trust, pride, and camaraderie prevalent in an organization. As a result, impartial evaluation of an organization's people practices and employee experiences aids in the identification of the country's most valued workplaces.

Speaking from his office at EOS’s HQ, Mr. Abhinav Arora, CEO at EOS, shared that EOS’s journey to the echelon which it currently inhabits was not all fun and games. “When we consider what makes a workplace the most valued, we don't just consider the perks and amenities that make workdays more enjoyable and improve employee comfort, experiences, and productivity. After deeper analysis, we discovered that perks and benefits account for only a small portion of what makes a company the most valuable place to work. An organization's orientation is determined by its underlying culture."

EOS has established its position as an industry leader in the Business Outsourcing industry in the last two decades. Despite market shifts in recent years, EOS has assisted its clients with unhindered services by assessing market demands, developing new competencies, and identifying new opportunities. Such abilities have aided the company's growth to become a world-class BPM leader with over 10000+ workers dedicated to providing great customer service.

EOS is constantly upscaling to keep up with ever-changing company requirements and help its worldwide clients with digital transformation. "Becoming the most valuable workplace is not a simple endeavour. At EOS, we recognize that creating and sustaining a meaningful workplace necessitates in creating leadership that is sincerely dedicated to the business and has the bandwidth to give the necessary time and attention to the firm regularly, not just on certain occasions." Mr. Arora believes that taking a long-term view of business achievements and establishing deep connections with clients and within internal teams is critical to creating a natural and rewarding work environment for all.

The values of trust and engagement in the business makes a workplace more desirable to its employees. Both of these notions are deeply ingrained in every particle of our organization's structure and flow in both directions. Employees have faith in their leaders, while they have faith in their subordinates. Employees know that their leaders have their backs and always make decisions that will increase productivity and relevance by making the most use of their strengths. This is how the EOS family operates and prioritizes organizational goals.

About EOS
Eureka Outsourcing Solutions is a trusted partner of choice for delivering unparalleled customer experience for the world’s leading organizations. Combining deep domain expertise, unmatched experience and specialized skills, it serves its clients across the globe. Achieving trust through outsourcing, EOS enables rapid response to changing market and technology needs.