Gong cha Launching New Strawberry & Earl Grey Bubble Tea Series in February 2022

Gong cha, a well-known Taiwanese bubble tea brand has announced the launching of its new Strawberry and Earl Grey bubble tea series for the month of February.

Online PR News – 20-February-2022 – New York, USA – Bubble tea has been a sensation in recent years and has continued to rise in popularity due to its taste and aesthetics. While traditional bubble tea, also known as boba tea has been known for its signature black tapioca ‘pearls’, hundreds of new variants with almost endless flavors and ingredients are constantly being added. Gong cha, a well-known Taiwanese bubble tea brand, is always adding new ingredients, flavors, and experiences to its portfolio. In its latest addition, the brand has announced the launching of its new Strawberry and Earl Grey bubble tea series for the month of February.

The New Gong cha Bubble Tea Flavors

Gong cha is always introducing new bubble tea flavors while also launching its new franchise stores at the same time. Just a few weeks ago, the company had announced the launch of its winter bubble tea series in the form of Toasted Sesame Series and Brown Sugar Ginger Milk Tea. With winter soon coming to its end, the brand has announced the next new drink series going onto the next season. The new Strawberry and Earl Grey drinks, launched on February 2nd, includes the following flavors:

Strawberry Cookie Smoothie
Strawberry Passion Fruit Tea with White Pearls
Strawberry Earl Grey Milk Tea with Pearls

These new drinks from Gong cha combines the sweet fruit flavor of strawberry with the floral yet citrus notes of Earl Grey tea.

Taking the Bubble Tea Experience to the Next Level

“With the introduction of these new flavors, Gong cha has taken its bubble tea experience to the next level. Along with four dozen franchise stores in the US and over 600 indefinite drink options, it certainly has a versatile offering for you every time you visit one of their stores.” According to Anchal Lamba, President Gong cha

The launch of the Strawberry & Earl Grey bubble tea Series has further upped the aesthetic game for going viral on Instagram and other social networks. All these drinks are as pleasing to the eyes as they are to your tastebuds.

Bubble Tea & Its Versatility

Bubble tea exposure has come a long way due to brands like Gong cha. Besides the signature tapioca pearls, also known as Bobas, these teas now come in a wide range of topping options including herbal jelly, basil seeds, milk foam, and coconut jelly etc. The tea element itself has brought new development with various varieties and flavors.

“The introduction of new flavors and toppings have contributed to the growing popularity of Gong cha. The brand’s origin began in Taiwan, the home of bubble tea, and has been innovating since day one. Starting with the milk foam tea trend, the brand has turned bubble tea into a widely loved treat, while at the same time expanding across the world.” The president further added.

It combines the original traditional techniques with a modern approach to quality control along with ever-growing flavors and ingredients. With the launch of the new Strawberry and Earl Grey bubble tea Series, it is time for everyone to tag their friends on social media while trying the new delicious and charming drinks at any Gong cha stores near you.