Boutique Agency Launches Fixed-price PR and Marketing Management Support Plan in Japan

WONDERHOODS K.K. (headquartered in Tokyo), a boutique PR agency announces the launch of its flat-rate PR and marketing management support plan in Japan.

Online PR News – 19-February-2022 – Tokyo, Japan – Many companies face challenges in implementing successful PR and marketing activities in Japan, not being able to find experienced candidates to hire, not being able to find a bilingual agency.

This is where WONDERHOODS comes in. In response to these issues, WONDERHOODS has launched a flat-rate PR and marketing management support plan for companies that do not have dedicated marketing or PR staff in Japan.

Flat-rate PR and marketing management support means a WONDERHOODS staff member will join the client’s project team and work alongside them as a local representative to create a communication plan, localize website and content, held local events, give instructions to both the suppliers and freelancer based on the plan, and manage the work and quality at the same time. As a result, the client can leverage their time, money, and effort as effectively and efficiently as possible while also achieving results.

This model is perfect for professionals who:
-Are in charge of PR and marketing for the Japanese market, but don't speak Japanese and need expert advice
-Are in charge of several markets, but don't have the time needed to make your brand known in Japan
-Can’t easily find an agency or freelancer that can provide bilingual staff
-Are working with multiple agencies and production companies, but aspects of the project are going in different directions and need help getting them in alignment.
-Are unable to hire PR and marketing staff dedicated to the Japanese market but don't want to compromise on hiring, and temporarily need an outside advisor.

What areas can you support?
The PR and Marketing Management Support Plan provides comprehensive support in the following areas of expertise:
-PR(public relations) and media relations
-Marketing communication
-Web site management and content localization
-Advertising and video production
-Social media marketing
-Influencer marketing
-Content marketing
-Event marketing

For inquiries regarding this matter, please contact
Contact: Asano or Sasaki
Business hours: Monday - Friday 9:30 - 18:00 (JST)
Official website:

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