Committed to Sustainability, Mokai Relaunches Pet Brand As Vegan and Plastic-Free

Mokai has released new ocean-friendly, vegan, and plastic-free supplements for dogs, while launching a kickstarter campaign to fund plastic-free project.

Online PR News – 18-February-2022 – Miami, Fl – Mokai has relaunched their brand of pet supplies by releasing their new ocean-friendly, vegan, and plastic-free supplements for dogs. The company also announced their commitment to change the packaging of their grooming supplies to plastic free alternatives by the end of 2022, and has launched a crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter to fund this project. After four years in business, the company’s founder realized that along with many others, her business was directly impacting the ocean. “Within months of exploring the ocean along our dogs, I learned it’s no longer the source of unlimited resources we think of. Our marine species are disappearing and we're covering their home with plastic. And I felt responsible, as a company we should be doing better for our planet.” said Andrea Palacio, Founder at Mokai.

The popular consumption of omega-3 supplements from fish oil kills millions of tons of marine wildlife every year, which is why the company was determined to offer pet parents a sustainable alternative. The team spent more than a year researching and testing ingredients that would benefit dogs, without compromising the ocean and its species, resulting in the launch of their sustainable dog supplements. Among them are their omega-3 supplements, which made from marine algae counteract overfishing by saving the equivalent of 60 tons of wild-caught fish for each ton of algae oil.

“We didn't want to be like every other pet company, claiming sustainability in their omega-3 supplements for dogs, when there’s no way to ensure the thousands of fishing vessels pulling 2.7 trillion fish from the sea, are not contributing to by catch and the extinction of marine species.” said the founder.

Positive Customer Impact
Many pet parents have already seen an improvement in their dog’s health after using Mokai’s supplements. Now, they can improve their pet’s quality of life without negatively impacting the planet. Alysha, a pet parent, is cheerful to have implemented eco-friendly packaging and natural ingredients in her dog’s life.
“Thrilled to have found this supplement that is all natural and packed with lots of amazing ingredients for my dog! Love the eco-friendly packaging as well, plastic free!” said Alysha A., Pet Parent to ‘Dog Influencer’ Bandit. “If you are looking for a herb and mushroom based supplement this is it.”

Product Availability
Mokai’s sustainable pet supplements are available at a discounted price through their Kickstarter campaign, which aims to raise funds for their 2022 plastic-free commitment, they’re also available for immediate purchase at

Mokai aims to become a leader in eco-friendly pet products by offering a wide range of supplements and grooming supplies designed to inspire healthier pets through real and sustainable ingredients.


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