Budget 2014 - “SKILL INDIA and BUILD INDIA”

The FM proclaimed a National Multi Skill program 'Skill India’ to skill the youth generation with accent on employability and entrepreneurial skills.

Online PR News – 18-July-2014 – Noida – MeraCareerGuide is looking forward in “SKILL BUILDING BUDGET”

As a rule, a labor intensive work that necessitates certain kind of prior assimilated apprenticeship, but not requisite to be an independent warrant professional. Discovering skilled trades workers is a foremost trial for organizations, specially workers with the appropriate knowledge and experience for a particular job. It's also Manpower's core prowess which is prominent to people of getting no jobs. The major reason is that, skills of a pupil is not polished enough to stand out in the crowd.

For a government that has arrived to supremacy on the assurance of constructing jobs for the millions who cross the threshold, the workforce, the primary Budget of the Modi government made all the appropriate sounds. Finance Minister Arun Jaitley in his preliminarily speech laid the foundation of their jobs and skilling schema, "India today needs a boost for job creation, in the Manufacturing sector in particular." He auxilirated that they also crave to address the problem of employability.

The FM proclaimed a National Multi Skill program 'Skill India’ to skill the youth generation with accent on employability and entrepreneurial skills. "The current government has taken their first step with a sturdy commitment to develop a stout and sustained skilled ecosystem with the Prime Minister's foresight for building India on the 'Skill, Scale and Speed'slat.

The government also restated its schema to skill India by declaring Rs 100 crs for institutes of higher learning, inclusive five new IITs and five new IIMs within the country.He also said that “employment exchanges will work as career centers and provide counseling to the youth so that they are not only informed about job opportunities but pick options according to their aptitude”.Employment swaps will be refurbished for career as well as job counselling. This is not a latest concept. But the execution is tough as the jobs are in the private sector about which the present employees know minimum. Denationalization is the only route.

Career counselling is very popular these days. It has presumed an enormous significance for our formative years because career options are in bulk, the competition is vast and students are baffled and vague. Career counselling can be in actual fact beneficial for giving pupils an idea about what they might be good at and helps one learn how to explore career opportunities, choose the right career or job, investigate potential measures and occupations etc. If one is in a rut and is not sure of what to do for a living, perhaps career counselling may help the most.

Career counselling ventures like "meracareerguide" are excited because the main and basic objective of every company is maximisation of profit. Due to the generation of this idea by government, these companies will be further promoted and engender revenues. Furthermost it will help people to get into righteous streams and jobs. This will lead to empowerment and a better and secured future individually. Thus it is a great step towards overall development of a country.

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