Cambridge Molecular and Mcule Announce DEL Collaboration

Cambridge Molecular and Mcule announce official collaboration based on their deep learning DEL follow-up tools, databases, and compound sourcing platform.

Online PR News – 16-February-2022 – Cambridge, England, and Budapest, Hungary – Cambridge Molecular, a leading provider of machine learning services for DNA-Encoded Libraries, and Mcule, a leading online chemical marketplace for drug discovery, are pleased to announce the launch of an official collaboration based on Cambridge Molecular's DEL follow-up tools PocketMapper, DeepDELve 2, and ShapeRetriever. PocketMapper is Cambridge Molecular’s newest and most powerful system, capable of de-noising DEL selection datasets.

The collaboration makes information on 170 million molecules available in real time to Cambridge Molecular’s platforms, including delivery time, purity, and Mcule's quote-ready lowest prices. Catalogue compounds recommended by the platform for ordering will be automatically optimised for these parameters.

The two companies will also organise joint events to showcase the capabilities of PocketMapper, DeepDELve 2, and ShapeRetriever, in conjunction with the Mcule catalogues. In addition, they will undertake collaborative development of future Mcule offerings to create diverse ranges of DEL follow-up compounds available with increasingly short delivery times.

The collaboration reflects the two companies’ shared view that deep learning is central to the future of DEL follow-up. DeepDELve 2 and ShapeRetriever enable DEL follow-up by catalogue, with compound acquisition costs up to 95% lower than the resynthesis-only follow-up while increasing the speed of the follow-up process and the diversity and druglikeness of confirmed binders.

“We are excited to provide our on-inventory database, ULTIMATE database and advanced API quoting system to Cambridge Molecular in order to help their efforts in utilising machine learning approaches in DEL-based discovery,” said Robert Kiss, CEO of Mcule, “We believe that partners of Cambridge Molecular will benefit from using our database and accessing an optimised price quote, enabling the researchers to purchase all of their selected compounds and receive them in a uniform, assay-ready format thanks to Mcule’s reformatting services.”

“We hope that our collaboration helps illustrate the revolutionary potential of deep learning in the DEL field and hence enable a reduction in unnecessary lab work. We look forward to a productive partnership.” – Dmitry Foxham, CEO of Cambridge Molecular.

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