Darrell Kelley Speaks Truth to Power on 'Won't Die For Spotify Remix'

"Won't Die For Spotify Remix" is the new single by Viral Records' Darrell Kelley.

Online PR News – 11-February-2022 – New York, NY – Like a biblical diminutive David digging in his heels to face-off with the mighty giant Goliath, Darrell Kelley (on the Viral Records label), has announced the release of his latest single, "Won't Die For Spotify Remix". The ongoing Joe Rogan controversy, which is currently taking a toll on not only Spotify's working relationship with major recording artists such as Neil Young, Nils Lofgren, Joni Mitchell, Crosby, Stills & Nash, as well as many others, but also the streaming corporation's stock value. Kelley too joins their ranks to take a stand and speak truth to power once more. And already, the huge corporate giants of digital retail and streaming have done what these companies normally do; they try to crush all those who speak against them. Especially when those who speak are armed with the mightiest weapon of all: The Truth.

Rogan, whose audience reportedly surpasses two hundred million listeners on Spotify, was already called out by celebrities, users, and news media outlets alike for his irresponsible and factually deficient podcasts about the COVID virus. According to Mr. Kelley, "I heard about that, and it really upset me. We all know people who have suffered over the past few years as a result of COVID misinformation. But when I saw Joe's immediate response and apology shortly thereafter, I was planning to just let it go. Then hearing about Rogan's latest controversy arising from his use of the N-word, I knew I had to enlist in the battle. So, that's how "Won't Die For Spotify Remix", the song I wrote and recorded last Sunday about this, came about."

On Monday, the single was submitted to all major digital and retail platforms. Then, on Tuesday, Apple Music and TuneCore distribution delivered notice his recording had been removed from their platforms, and for the vaguest, least transparent of reasons, that to date, still remains unclear. They may have reasoned this would be enough to dishearten an independent artist who would then eventually go away. But, according to Viral Records, "They were wrong! We'll fight this battle to the very end. Many have now come to stand by our side. In an effort to get the word out, we've begun circulating an online petition for people to sign: https://chng.it/hWDBFGkNHV"

"Won't Die For Spotify Remix" is being distributed globally by his record company to all major digital retailers and streaming platforms on the internet who have heard and joined his battle call. A North American radio and press campaign has just been launched to promote "Won't Die For Spotify Remix", and get the word out about this travesty. Mainstream Top 40, Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop, and Adult Contemporary format radio stations have already been serviced with the single. Additional personal appearances will be announced in the coming weeks. To learn more go to http://www.darrellkelleyofficial.com. An EPK is provided upon request to all members of the media by contacting the representative listed below.