Sardina Systems Joins Patent Non-Aggression Community of Open Invention Network

The primary mission of OIN is to preserve patent freedom for its participants in essential Open Source Software (OSS) projects.

Online PR News – 10-February-2022 – London, UK – Sardina Systems, a leading European developer and vendor of cloud software, has joined, as a community member, the Open Invention Network (OIN). The primary mission of OIN is to preserve patent freedom for its participants in essential Open Source Software (OSS) projects. Today the OIN members form the largest patent non-aggression community in history.

Sardina Systems leverages OpenStack, Kubernetes, and Ceph open-source technologies to deliver a cloud infrastructure with efficient, flexible, and scalable operations, improved performance, and market-first Zero-Downtime upgrade. By joining the OIN, Sardina Systems publicly demonstrates open source and patent non-aggression. Together with all the 3,600 OIN members, Sardina Systems became a part of a global network and a member of the largest community of its kind in the world.

"Having OpenStack in the core of our product, FishOS, we highly appreciate the value and importance of shared knowledge, experience, and technology of open source communities. Joining OIN emphasizes our commitment to developing and distributing open source technology. Thanks to OIN expertise, software companies can mitigate the global patent risk to open source software like FishOS for all the market players - developers, vendors, customers, and end-users", says Kenneth Tan, CEO of Sardina Systems.

"By leveraging OpenStack and Kubernetes, which it implements with its own innovative products, Sardina Systems’ suite of integrated offerings are an excellent example of the importance to us all of protecting core open source software,” says Keith Bergelt, CEO of Open Invention Network. “In today’s technological environment, we all rely upon OSS infrastructure that we can build upon without risk from patent threats. We are pleased that Sardina Systems has joined OIN and committed to patent non-aggression in core open source.”

OIN challenges patent applications as appropriate and leverages their relationships to collect and share prior art when needed. Being an OIN community member means significantly reducing the risk of being involved in patent-associated disputes about using open source-based software. And even if such involvement occurs, the Open Invention Network is ready to provide professional support to its members. Henceforth Sardina Systems' customers and partners will rest assured about the company and its product FishOS.

About Sardina Systems

Sardina Systems is a leading European operation management software developer and vendor headquartered in the United Kingdom, with a local presence in Germany, Luxembourg, Ukraine, and Russia. FishOS, the brainchild of Sardina Systems, is a private cloud management software platform enabling enterprises to rapidly experience the value of scalable, agile, and flexible OpenStack and Kubernetes clouds while maximizing the utility of their resources with zero-downtime operations. Sardina Systems delivers a full suite of operations management tools and professional services and support that allows its customers to overcome large-scale data center operations challenges.
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