The Herbalist Company Collaborates With Klarna So You Can Buy CBD Oils Now And Pay Later

Getting your dose of quality CBD Cumbria is now more conveniently affordable.

Online PR News – 09-February-2022 – Rochester, Kent – Getting your dose of quality CBD Cumbria is now more conveniently affordable.

The Herbalist Company, the fastest-growing CBD manufacturer and distributor in the UK, has teamed up with payment service provider Klarna to offer a "buy now, pay later" payment option for their customers.

Shop CBD Now, Pay Later

Upon checking out your order at The Herbalist Company's website, you’ll be given the option to pay after delivery, which allows a 14- or 30-day grace period. This lets you receive and consume CBD oils Cumbria and pay at a later date.

This feature is in collaboration with Klarna, a Sweden-based payment service company, used by around 600 million consumers around the globe. They will be sending payment instructions via email, inclusive of a link wherein you will be asked to choose your payment channel (e.g., debit or credit card).

Alternatively, you can also log onto their website at to pay. On Klarna's website, you can also track the status of your order and your payment.

Trusted by more than 70,000 stores, Klarna keeps payment information safe with the use of advanced security protocols. As a guarantee, The Herbalist Company assures that all card details are exclusively held by Klarna to minimise any data breach.

Both The Herbalist Company and Klarna boast reliable customer service. Should you want to return part or all of your order, there will be a dedicated customer service staff who will make all necessary adjustments. An updated invoice statement will also be closed upon the receipt of your returned products.

If, in any case, your due date of payment nears and you still haven't received your order, you're also welcome to contact The Herbalist Company or the store where you bought their products to follow up on delivery. Additionally, you have the liberty to reach out to Klarna to postpone the due date.

The Benefits of CBD

CBD or cannabidiol is one of the hundreds of chemical compounds in the cannabis plant. Over the past years, it has been proven to offer medical benefits; thus, prompting various countries and territories to legalise its use.

One of the most cited advantages of CBD is its natural ability to offset depression and anxiety. When a patient also experiences unmanageable pain (often, those related to cancer and multiple sclerosis), CBD-infused pills are also used.

In a number of studies, CBD is also seen as helpful in easing complications and symptoms of diabetes, arthritis, insomnia, post-traumatic stress, disorder, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

CBD can be consumed in many forms. Some are applied topically, consumed edible, or inhaled.

Get Your CBD Cumbria Products From The UK’s Fastest Growing Supplier

Offering top-grade CBD oils and other products, The Herbalist Company is committed to making the medical benefits of CBD more accessible and affordable. CBD is known to alleviate the symptoms of various illnesses such as anxiety, sleep disorders, and Alzheimer's.

With their partnership with Klarna, you also now have the option to shop for CBD oils Cumbria and pay later. Learn more here: For enquiries, call them on 0203 005 0833.