Instant Malware Analysis with ANY.RUN Sandbox

ANY.RUN introduces a new technology for fast analysis of cyber threats: free instant access to malware investigation with the first results immediately.

Online PR News – 03-February-2022 – Ulyanovsk, Russia – ANY.RUN introduces a brand new technology for fast analysis of cyber threats. Now malware analysts can try free instant access to malware investigation and get the first results immediately. Wait no more!

ANY.RUN sandbox

ANY.RUN is an interactive malware analysis sandbox. The service detects, analyzes, and monitors cybersecurity threats. ANY.RUN is holding a leading position among platforms that detect malicious programs. 150k malware analytics work with the service every day. And a lot of users benefit from the platform’s results of the investigation.

Instant access technology

In cybersecurity, speed is a key to a successful defense. If an attack happens, the main goal of a SOC specialist is to collect all possible data about the incident, attackers and figure out what the target was. Every second counts.

ANY.RUN worked out a unique technology to boost your analysis – Instant access. We have been working on an entirely new method for a while: a remastered process of launching the task and a faster way to get to the analysis. And now ANY.RUN is the only service that provides so fast analysis.

Instant access technology gives you an opportunity to:

Use this feature for free on all subscriptions.

Analyze a sample faster as you don’t waste time waiting.

Run an unlimited number of tasks and investigate them immediately.

Get the first results in a flash.

Speed up your malware analysis with ANY.RUN’s Instant access!

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