New Functions and More Performance: PoINT Archival Gateway 3.0

PoINT Software & Systems presents the new version 3.0 of its tape-based object storage PoINT Archival Gateway with a considerably extended range of functions.

Online PR News – 02-February-2022 – Siegen/Germany – PoINT Archival Gateway is a high-performance and flexibly scalable object storage which receives data via the standardized S3 interface and writes it directly to tape without buffering on hard disks. Thus, tape can be integrated as a cost-efficient and particularly secure additional S3 storage class and is available as backup medium for valuable cloud and object data.

With version 3.0, the range of functions has been significantly extended on all levels. For example, PoINT Archival Gateway now also supports object locking and object tagging. Object Locks are used to comply with expiration or retention periods by preventing premature deletion of object versions and can be configured on object and on bucket level. In this way, not only legal requirements, such as data protection guidelines, can be realized. Object locks also increase protection against ransomware.

Object tags, for example, can be used to selectively delete objects that carry a specific tag. In this way, lifecycle guidelines can be defined and implemented.

Furthermore, the object database of PoINT Archival Gateway has been optimized with the new version. Improved parallelization significantly increases the processing speed of concurrent requests.

In addition, client requests are now redirected internally and without support from the client application if they cannot be handled by the interface node that was addressed by the client. This enhancement increases processing, especially for smaller objects, and improves load balancing across multiple nodes.

Finally, the newly integrated syslog protocol copies system log and event messages to a central syslog server.
"We are always in close contact with our customers for the further development of our software solutions", says Sebastian Klee, Head of Marketing & Sales at PoINT Software & Systems. "With the new version 3.0 of PoINT Archival Gateway, we have achieved decisive improvements in terms of data security and performance. The solution meets the requirements of the users and also supports them in coping with future challenges in the storage sector."
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