International Investments – What You Can Expect in 2022, a Webinar

XIPHIAS Immigration, a team of certified international investment immigration experts, since 2009, based in Bengaluru, India,holding a webinar on the 5th of Feb

Online PR News – 01-February-2022 – Bengaluru, Karnataka – XIPHIAS Immigration, a team of certified international investment immigration experts, since 2009, based in Bengaluru, India, is holding a webinar on the 5th of February to discuss about the changes the international investment market will be seeing in the year 2022. The purpose behind this online webinar is to help all aspirant investors to understand the gains and pains of foreign direct investment and the best possible methods to achieve one’s goals and dreams.

XIPHIAS Immigration is known to uphold its values during its every client dealing. XIPHIAS believes in maintaining transparency in its dealings. Clients know and understand how things are processed and will have knowledge of the proceedings. One of the reasons for XIPHIAS success is their motto of healthy organic building and maintenance of client relationships. Since their inception in 2009, their main aim has been to help individuals achieve their immigration dreams and, in the process, have helped hundreds of High net-worth individuals with their international investments and immigrations. XIPHIAS, has been able to forge healthy ties with international business houses and has built strong network of lawyers, real estate developers, entrepreneurs among others. XIPHIAS is in ties with immigration consulates in varying capacities and is recognized as one of the dependable immigration firms.

In their on-going efforts to support genuine healthy investments and immigrations, XIPHIAS has come up with this webinar to help educate investors about Foreign direct investments.

Post pandemic, demand for foreign direct investments and the number of investors wanting to invest have both increased. There is numerous literature available about investment pathways and their benefits. However, there is limited space provided to help investors compare and evaluate what best could help them achieve their dreams. While it may not be required to understand each investment pathway, it would still need quite a bit of deliberation to identify what actually works, to achieve set goals. There are numerous parameters to get a clarification on before zeroing on that one pathway. And XIPHIAS aims to bring about a certain level of clarity about the changes brought about in the international investment markets and what investors could expect from the year 2022.

Event Details are :
Investment Migration Webinar
Session: 11am - 1Pm
Date: Feb 5 2022

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