The Sea Between, 04-05 FEB, 7PM, Etcetera Theatre Camden

New theatre play The Sea Between, 04-05 FEB, 7PM, Etcetera Theatre Camden (Directed by award winning director Lee Lomas, featuring Demi Leigh & Matthew Kay)

Online PR News – 23-January-2022 – London – Play info:
The Sea Between, 04-05 FEB, 7PM, Etcetera Theatre Camden (Directed by award winning director Lee Lomas, featuring Demi Leigh & Matthew Kay)


When Ginny meets Mike, it's fireworks. Her, the passionate, foreign artist, him, the gregarious Brit lawyer. Amidst a chaotic London of hookups and ghosting, their relationship is easy, fun. Real. Something worth nurturing. When Mike asks her to move in, she only has one request.

'I want this to work. Babe. Nothing left unsaid. No room for misunderstandings. Promise?'

Shortly after, the dreams start.

'The Sea Between' starts off as a modern lovestory, and spirals into a world of surreal obsession, kitchen sink meets Greek Tragedy.

Mike: Matthew Kay
Ginny: Demi Leigh
Director: Lee Lomas
Written by: Demi Leigh

In the war of love, who will come out on top?

About Demi Leigh, actor & writer of the Sea Between:
Demi studied visual arts in Greece, including drama, scriptwriting and film making, before moving to the UK in 2009. Her writing is shaped by her oftentimes clashing identities, a Greek and a Brit, a foreign woman in leadership, a technologist and a sentimentalist.

She's worked and trained with @workingactorsstudioldn since 2018, and her writings have been featured in the Site productions plays, the Tristan Bates & etcetera theatre et al.

The Sea Between will be Demi's first full-length play to be produced in the UK, but you can catch her perform in David Stokes "She Shrieked ..." at the Canalside Cafe theatre, 9th and 10th of February, or watch her in @fishclawband music videos.

About Matthew Kay, actor:
Matthew originally trained in musical theatre nearly two decades ago. He then found passion in screen, voice-over and more recently, writing. He can be found honing his craft at the Working Actors Studio, London. His most recent credits include the award nominated audio series "The Realm Tree" (Jonathan Hall) & Universal Studios Japan's "Monsters Live!" (Frank).

Matthew brings years of stage expertise, boundless enthusiasm, and most importantly the depth and unpredictability which make his interpretation of Mike something to behold.

About Lee Lomas, director:
Born in Manchester, Lee has been working in numerous creative fields since he was 12, his first professional tv credit coming at age 16 when he appeared as “Bonehead” in C4’s critically acclaimed, Shameless.

He trained in Performing Arts at both Diploma and Degree level before joining the Manchester School of Acting. Here he discovered David Mamet and Practical Aesthetics, the technique that shaped his acting career.

He has produced theatre in London and Manchester since 2012, most recently he enjoyed a sold-out run at the Tristan Bates Theatre in Covent Garden in 2019 with his original play Sunrise for the Blind.

His most recent television credits include Hollyoaks & Cold Feet.

He has now turned his attention towards making his own TV & Film with original series Waving at Strangers.

Alongside his productions, @lomasprods Lee has been running weekly acting workshops since 2018, @workingactorsstudioldn helping actors of all levels, better understand their USP and connect themselves with their performance.

About Driftwood Productions:
Driftwood Productions is the brain child of Demi Leigh (writer & performer) & Jevgenija Kuznecova (cinematographer & artistic director). The pair first met in 2009 when they moved to Derby, UK, to study Performing Arts and Photography, respectively. They have collaborated ever since, having joined photography exhibitions, filming shorts and music videos and experimenting with different media in their pursuit to enhance the every day with imaginary, wonder, the macabre and curiosity. The Sea Between will be their first joined theatrical production.