Digital Signage Brand Pickcel Launches a Product Catalog Solution to Transform Retail Businesses

Pickcel, a SAAS Company, has launched an innovative digital product catalogue app that will substantially enhance the retail experience for modern-day shoppers.

Online PR News – 20-January-2022 – New York – Pickcel, a leading digital signage SaaS company, has launched an innovative digital product catalog app that will substantially enhance the retail experience for modern-day shoppers.
Touchless queue management, digital menu boards, digital discount coupons, and kiosk solutions are among the brand's wide range of touchless solutions. Pickcel's newest addition– a digital product catalog app– is a step towards making the product browsing experience contactless for customers.

The Pickcel Digital Signage Software is hosted on the cloud, and their digital catalog solution seeks to alleviate retail employees' primary pain: manually monitoring and documenting their products and features. The digital catalog app provides many ready-to-use templates and customizations, greatly easing the back-end processes.

"A product or two may go out of stock at anytime, or a new product may need to be added to the catalog. The digital catalog could be updated in real-time in under a minute," said Basudev Saha, co-founder, Pickcel. "And it doesn't get any more cost-effective than this; the ROI is extraordinary."

Pickcel has added the QR code element to its digital product catalog application, in keeping with their propensity for adding a touchless feature. Shopaholics can now view the digital catalog of their favorite brands on their mobile phones, thanks to the QR code. The developers believe that this will aid retail businesses in enhancing their customer experience, particularly at this time of the pandemic, as contactless solutions have become a necessity.

"When a retail store is short on employees and has many customers walking in, things might get problematic. It would be impossible for the employees to assist all the customers at the same time and address their needs without sparking a snarl. What if customers could browse products and descriptions on their phones without the need for assistance from sales reps? That's what our solution offers," said Rajesh Bhattacharjee, co-founder, Pickcel."

Pickcel deems their USP to be the fact that they provide a complete solution to all their clients. Since digital signage is its core domain, the company can offer a whole range of retail marketing solutions, not just digital product catalogs. It also customizes its products at the request of clients. "Every business is unique, so are their requirements. We are totally adaptable."

Pickcel is ramping up into the North American market after establishing a firm foothold in the European and MENA region markets. The company offers a free 14-day trial of all its features and apps. Users can simply sign up (without any credit card details) and explore the software with two free screen licenses.

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About Pickcel:

Pickcel is in the business of helping people communicate more effectively. It provides both cloud-based and on-premise digital signage solutions. Pickcel's digital signage software is being used on more than 80,000 displays around the world. Retail, restaurants & QSRs, hotels, corporate, transportation, and education are just a few of the industries where their services are making an impact. The company has offices in New York and Bangalore.

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