Zonka Feedback Awarded with Thirteen Recognitions in G2 Winter Report 2022

G2, the largest software marketplace and review platform recognized Zonka Feedback in multiple categories and awarded thirteen awards of excellence.

Online PR News – 19-January-2022 – Gurugram, Haryana – Zonka Feedback, a leading Customer Feedback, Survey and Experience Management Platform, announced that it won multiple awards in the G2 Winter 2022 report. G2 has given Zonka Feedback thirteen recognitions in various reports for three different categories, which are Feedback Analytics, Survey, and Experience Management.

G2 rewards are based on the reviews and ratings from the real users of various software and tools. G2 evaluates this feedback every quarter and uses its own algorithms to identify and eliminate the fraudulent reviews and conclude the top performers to award them with various titles and badges. It even asks for screenshots of the usage of software and tools from the users giving reviews.

This quarter, Zonka Feedback has been awarded the following recognitions and badges:

Momentum Leader Winter 2021
In the categories of :
Experience Management

High Performer Winter 2022
In the categories of :

Feedback Analytics
Experience Management

High Performer Winter 2021
In the regional categories of:
India Survey
Asia Survey
Asia Pacific Survey
Europe Survey

High Performer Mid-Market Winter 2022
In the categories of:
Mid-Market Experience Management
Mid-Market Survey

High Performer Small-Business Winter 2022
For the category of:
Small-Business Survey

Users Love Us (Badge)

About Zonka Feedback
Zonka Feedback is a Customer Feedback Software and Experience Management platform that businesses of all sizes use to create and share surveys, collect customer feedback across all touchpoints, measure and enhance satisfaction, and improve the overall customer experience.

With this tool, the businesses can measure and improve powerful CX metrics like NPS, CSAT and CES, identify dissatisfied customers, resolve issues, prevent churn, change detractors into promoters, and create great customer experiences to enhance business growth.

To know more about Zonka Feedback, visit Zonka Feedback’s profile page at G2 or sign up for a free trial.

About G2
G2 is an independent website that reviews various software and tools and recognizes them on the basis of genuine user reviews and ratings. The organization is based out in Chicago, Illinois; and was founded by Former employees of Big Machines in May 2012.

It is popular around the globe for its authenticity. Technology buyers and investors rely on this tool for gaining information about software products, and making decisions to invest in software and apps.