ARC Introduces COVID-19 Graphics, Resources & Signage for all Common Areas or Workplaces

ARC introduces back to work and back to school COVID-19 graphics and signages to aid workplaces and common areas to improve employee's and student's safety.

Online PR News – 14-January-2022 – San Ramon, California – ARC, the best printing service provider in town is gearing up to introduce insightful back to work and back to school COVID-19 graphic signage to help out businesses of all kinds. Initially, the company offered a variety of online print services including color, graphic, text, banner, franchise, corporate and managed prints. They later introduced several sets of safety graphics to alert people possible of possible life risks of everyday life and ways to avert them.

Recently, with the ongoing pandemic, the company introduced safety graphic signage and desk dividers for a variety of niches. From shopping malls to medical sectors, from airports to schools, from restrooms to retail shops and more, ARC’s safety graphics and desk dividers reminded people, students to be aware of each COVID-19 protocol and social distancing norms. Witnessing how their safety banners and posters are aiding out consumers. Mr Suriyakumar, the CEO of ARC discovered that 36% of employees are working in a corporate office despite the pandemic running.

As part of the safety signages, the company will include all social distancing norms, CDC guidelines posters on COVID-19, its transmissions, risks and rules to fight the virus. These COVID signages are ideal for a plethora of places as they will be informative and easy to read.

Additionally, the CTO of the company, Mr Roy stated,
“Our COVID safety signages are ideal for job sites, restrooms, schools, lobbies, hospitals, corporate rooms and more. Further, we will be providing out signages in a variety of languages apart from English like Spanish, French, German and more.”

ARC’s safety signages will include posters, banners, floor decals, health, wellness and social distancing graphics. Each item will provide a series of sizes and customization to suit the needs of clients. The company is also pleased to announce ranslation services for many of the COVID-19 graphics in our collections. Any consumer can contact to discuss any foreign languages signs needed.

Further, ARC is also set to offer affordable prices to customers and exclusive discounts on bulk orders of safety signages. All of these are inclusive of secure site survey, printing and installation. With all these plans ahead, ARC hopes to make life easier for employees returning to work and protect them better from becoming afflicted with the virus.

With 170+ US locations, the company is committed to help customers around the globe during this time of concern.