WebNIC Enhances Its Partners Integration Platform With REST API and Now Offers Premium Name Service

The introduction of REST API has optimised the processes of API integration for WebNIC partners to quickly enable new services.

Online PR News – 05-January-2022 – Bugis, Central Region, Singapore – WebNIC, a leading Asian domain name registrar, has recently published a new page on its website about its partner integration platform. The page is an introduction to its REST API functionalities, which the company states they will bring a seamless integration experience to accelerate its partners’ business! With the introduction of REST API, WebNIC believes that this will provide its partners with a high satisfaction level when using its API service to implement their business operations. The new REST API currently includes Domain API, SSL API, Web Security API, Microsoft 365 API, Alibaba Mail API and more in time to come.

REST API stands for Representational State Transfer API, and it is a software architecture style that is widely known and used in the web services industry. One of the benefits that REST API provides is that it is standardized and simplified, which is extremely important for optimized communication between web systems. Next, the simplified architectural style also gives it high flexibility, portability, scalability and simplicity to easily integrate with most of the web systems out there, which saves time and cost. Lastly, REST API is able to deliver a high performance when it is used for large and complex web systems, due to its ability to perform caching.

At the moment, WebNIC is slowly phasing out its existing API to move into using REST API. On its web page about partner integration platform, it has published a number of functionalities that make use of REST API. The first is the Domain API for querying, purchasing, transferring, managing domains and DNS that supports more than 600 TLDs. The second is the SSL API for querying, purchasing and managing SSL certificates from all major brands like DigiCert, Sectigo and GlobalSign. The third is the Web Security API for managing web security services and subscription plans. The fourth is the Microsoft 365 API for managing Microsoft 365 subscription plans. Lastly, there is the Alibaba Mail API for managing Alibaba Mail orders.

With the introduction of REST API, WebNIC also takes the opportunity to add in premium domain name service to its wide range of web services. Partners of WebNIC are now able to search and register premium domain names in its partner central. Premium domain names are high-quality domain names that are commonly short, easy to remember, concise and have a high perceived value. They often fetch a high price because of the many benefits as follows, including easily understood and memorable, marketing and branding, improved search ranking and a great business investment. For more info about WebNIC’s RESTful API services or premium domain name services, visit https://www.webnic.cc/restful-api/ and https://www.webnic.cc/premium-domain-name/ to learn more.

About WebNIC
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