Michael DeBarge's MidtownRadio.co purchases Thomas Bagu's 'Hoodnutz Magazine' for 200k

California based magazine purchased by major label promotion business.

Online PR News – 01-January-2022 – New York, NY – Michael DeBarge's Midtown Radio acquired Thomas Bagu's Hoodnutz Magazine in a deal which will bring in Bagu a total of $200,000 in the last week of 2021. In an era where physical print magazine sales are at their lowest, Bagu's "Hoodnutz" brand thrived independently. The California based Magazine was entirely focused on HipHop artists from the cities of L.A. and Fresno. It's core sales base came from word of mouth and a few local store chains Bagu was impressively getting away with a $30 dollar per copy price tag and a 97% sell out rate. This activity caught the interest of Michael DeBarge & Daimen Carter of MidtownRadio.co who made the 6 figure offer.

MidtownRadio.co is best known for their work promoting records for Elvis Presley, UTFO's Doctor Ice, 2x Grammy Nominee Skee-Lo. However the company has shifted gears in recent years, securing more Billboard and BDS radio placements for 100% indie artist such as (Actor/Musician) Corey Feldman. Felman's work with Michael DeBarge lead to a national tour, Major Network television appearances, four DRT charting records and two songs even cracked the Billboard top 40. The company has since become one of the industry's top choices for indie artists and indie labels.

MidtownRadio announced the 2 major changes coming to the brand started by Bagu. First, the rebranding will start with a change of name. The name Hoodnutz will be discontinued and rebranded to "Indie Global". This first issue's cover story features Michael Matthews (Founder of DigitalRadioTracker.com ). This change in direction is clear evidence that this magazine will be an open platform for artists of all genres. Secondly, each issue will showcase the Digital Radio Tracker charts as well as have a section for the fans of superheroes and video games.

"Indie Global magazine is 100% about indie artists and indie labels. Rock, Jazz, Pop, Hip Hop we will cover it all. We are very excited to include the DRT Charts as a permanent staple in this magazine. - Michael DeBarge, President

"Concerts and open mic's all across the country have been scarce. The independent musician has suffered the most. Indie Global will be a wonderful tool for indie artists to get exposure and reach new people." Daimen Carter, VP