Teledatics Introduces World's First Open Wi-Fi 'Halow' Development Platform

TELEDATICS, a company developing IoT-enabled products, announced the world’s first open Wi-Fi HaLow development platform launching on Crowd Supply's website.

Online PR News – 01-January-2022 – Westford, Massachusetts – TELEDATICS, an engineering company developing IoT-enabled products and platforms, announced today the world’s first open source, open hardware Wi-Fi HaLow-enabled development platform aimed at engineers, creators and experimenters that is launching on the Crowd Supply website.

The Teledatics TD-XPAH development platform is a product that supports long range IoT Wi-Fi networks at distances of 1 kilometer or more. The IEEE 802.11ah “Halow” Wi-Fi protocol is supported by major industry players and is currently available in a variety of chip implementations from several vendors.

The Teledatics platform is fully compliant with the IEEE 802.11ah “Halow” Wi-Fi standard, operating in the Sub 1GHz license-exempt band. It delivers ultra-low-power, long-range connectivity, penetration through obstacles, and reliable data throughput that other IoT technology options promise, but with the added benefit of native TCP/IP support, mesh networking, simpler network integration, and enhanced WPA3 security.

“The open nature of the Teledatics platform will bootstrap 802.11ah development,” said James Ewing, founder and CEO of Teledatics. “The product allows the creation of wide area wireless networks on an easy-to-use, open platform that will spur IoT development across a range of disciplines and industries. And the $99.00 price makes it affordable for everyone”.

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