Compumatrice announced Tennis Wizard’s Future Release Plan in the First Quarter of 2022

Launching of Tennis Wizard is a Cloud-Based coaching platform that redefines how players, coaches, and clubs connect, communicate and win.

Online PR News – 29-December-2021 – Dallas – Tennis Wizard will be launched as a mobile-first app that provides personalized feedback, guidance, care plans, video appointment, webinars, and support to enhance the mental games for junior tennis players by providing them with different mental training to help them improve their tennis skills.

It is also built to meet at a common platform for individual players and tennis professionals, courts, clubs, and tournament organizers to showcase their activity. Their powerful analytics dashboard helps elevate coaching to the next level through personalised recommendations and insights.

Tennis Mental Training is an app designed exclusively for coaches & players to ensure they are always at the top of their game. It's a complete package that helps you focus on your physical, mental, and nutritional health so you can get the most out of yourself on the court.

Tennis Wizard empowers both groups to develop new potential relationships and make quick in-app requests by simplifying the relationship between providers and players. Tennis Wizard solves the problem by giving a simple and powerful tool at your fingertips to provide instant access to high-quality tennis services and making it easier for people looking for a tennis coach to find the right instructor.

For Tennis Providers and Coaches, Tennis Wizard is a holistic solution providing

Player Management

Appointment Booking

Instant Messaging

Session Feedback

Real-Time Tele-Coaching

Remote Player Monitoring (RPM)

AI-enabled Analytics

For Tennis Players, will be an enhanced platform to help the Tennis Community reach its tennis goals. It will let players

Track their practice sessions, sets played, court time, etc.

Set your performance metrics, share with coaches/parents, revisit

Track the mental aspects of their game

Video assistance

Schedule private lessons with coaches/students/players/pros

Mental training online

Secured Payment

Secured Chat and record functionality

Professional mental coaches

Work with effective training plans for all levels

Get personal training from experts to fine-tune your technique.

Tennis Wizard provides an intelligent, cloud-enabled platform that helps venues run day-to-day metal tennis assessments more efficiently and enables players to improve their performance and results.

The app is specifically designed for serious tennis players who want to learn more about improving their game to achieve their goals. Join the waitlist today and get early access here!