Krish TechnoLabs Forges New Technological Alliance with Vue Storefront

Krish - digital commerce agency, has announced a significant technological partnership with the front-end project company, Vue Storefront

Online PR News – 25-December-2021 – California – Krish - a leading digital commerce agency, has announced a significant technological partnership with the world’s fastest-growing front-end project company, Vue Storefront, to make way for the rapid shift towards a headless architecture for eCommerce brands.

The booming eCommerce and increased customer expectations have forced the retail industry to continually enhance its tech stacks to offer superior customer experiences. The current eCommerce landscape with the proliferation of the API-focussed paradigm in the software domain has led to headless commerce. Infact, in a study published by Yotta in 2020, 62% of the eCommerce industry leaders claimed to have acknowledged that headless commerce indeed significantly improves engagement, conversions, and hence the overall CX.

This technological association between two industry leaders is an endorsement that headless commerce is the way of the future. It is a win-win situation for eCommerce players as Krish’s impeccable digital commerce solutions will be conjoined with Vue Storefront powered front-end to deliver unique and engaging experiences. The retailers will get to provide customized experiences from headless commerce with faster load times and fantastic page performance.

In a gist, this partnership aims to deliver high-performing, headless commerce solutions for industry players struggling to meet customer expectations in the post-pandemic world.

Cherishing this partnership, Jiten Padmashali, CEO and MD, Krish TechnoLabs, said, “
`We are looking forward to unlocking endless opportunities for our clients with Vue Storefront coupled with our innovative digital commerce solutions. We are aiming towards catering to customer expectations (as Vue Storefront says-), creating a ‘lightning fast’ front-end with which the customers actually interact. This is an opportunity for both ends to use their expertise and vast experience to help the B2C, B2B and D2C Brands to engage better with their customers.``

“One of the core promises we made to merchants is that Vue Storefront will help them to keep up with their consumer’s needs and, in consequence, boost their conversation rates. We deliver the frontend platform able to fulfill this promise entirely, but we also need proper partners to translate it into practice. Krish TechnoLabs, an agency strongly focused on back-end digital commerce solutions, is definitely one of the best to help clients enhance performance and agility with Vue Storefront.” added Patrick Friday, CEO at Vue Storefront.

With this association, Krish and Vue Storefront will hit the ground to help the eCommerce players transform into truly experience-first businesses.