Rashmi Katiyar awarded as Tech Entrepreneur category national winner at Globant

Rashmi Katiyar awarded as Tech Entrepreneur category national winner at Globant - Women That Builds Awards

Online PR News – 22-December-2021 – Trenton, New Jersey – The leading software company Kratin today announced that its Co-founder Ms Rashmi Katiyar has been named as the national winner in Global Awards - Women that Build Edition in the Tech entrepreneurs category. This great news rolled out on 10th Dec 2021 when Globant announced the winners.

The Global Gala featured prominent speakers such as Linda Rottenberg, Co-founder & CEO at Endeavor; Payal Manan Rajpal, South Asia Head of Robotex International & Director of Robotex India; Amber Anderson, Founder & CEO at Tote + Pears; and Dora Kamu, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher at Headspace, among others. With more than 70000 nominations and 195 finalists from 27 countries, Rashmi is selected in Tech Entrepreneur category from India on the basis of the distinguished contribution in innovation and entrepreneurship.

This award is the recognition for the contribution of Ms. Katiyar in the field of health tech. She and her team have been working on TruliaCare, a platform to optimize care delivery and revolutionize Hospice and Homecare delivery. Ms. Katiyar has a great passion for making a positive impact in people's lives through the productive implementation of technology.
In TruliaCare her tram has been implementing the latest technology like Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Data Science to empower Hospice and Homecare providers with insightful Data, intelligent workforce scheduling, and real-time visibility. The Kratin team has a firm belief that technology has immense potential to make our lives easier and better.

“This is for sure inspiring to keep going! Together we can change the world for a better future and a more inclusive environment for the next generations. I am glad that I could be part of this change and my zeal to bring positive change in the lives of people with technology is recognized.” said Rashmi. To see the full list of local winners in each country, visit http://www.womenawards.globant.com

About Kratin:-
Founded in 2011, based out of New Jersey, Kratin partners with healthcare companies to assist them in delivering the best possible care with the TruliaCare ecosystem and Innovation lab.

- TruliaCare is one of the most comprehensive, AI-powered platforms for clinicians & consumers that enables real-time "Unified Care Experience"? across the continuum and integrates seamlessly with existing systems. TruliaCare integration block supports 200+ system connectors including FHIR support. TruliaCare insights enable hospice care providers to make informed decisions backed by data to optimize the workforce and thereby achieve efficient care delivery with huge operational savings, better time management, and happy patients, care providers, and happy nurses.

- Innovation Lab assists in meeting specific IT solution needs using cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, voice assistance, bots, etc.

With a zest for connecting dots across the care continuum and unifying healthcare experience, Kratin continues excelling in value-based care, workforce optimization, smart scheduling, real-time visibility, collaboration, and intelligent insights. It also bagged a healthcare excellence award as "Best Innovative Healthcare IT Company"? for two years in a row.