Suga-T Reveals Ageism Towards Women In HipHop, Dedicates 50 year b'day To A Virtual Exhibit Dec 19th

The Legendary Hip Hop Stress Dedicates A Purpose Driven Streaming Series 50 The New 30, Virtual Couch Benefit That Supports Moms Of Children With Autism

Online PR News – 18-December-2021 – OAKLAND, CA – Suga-T The 1st lady of multi-platinum and gold legendary family group “The Click,” original queen of the bay area hip-hop scene is preparing to proudly drop a birthday PSA, pre-releasing a birthday statement snippet Betta, “age ain’t nothing but a number” and announces her 50th virtual birthday benefit. The online event is slated for December 19th, 5:30pm PST/ 8:30pm streaming on Hip Hop TV and other streaming platforms, Sponsored by Special presentations will celebrate mothers of children with Autism, other exclusive exhibits, celebrity features and performances from Chubrock, Candyman, Lady of Rage, Cece Penniston, Kurtis Blow, Dj Spinderella, Mystic Man Reggae, Rappin Forte, Tara Kemp, Jayo Fellany , Suga-T and more to inspire for the holidays.

This warrior woman will showcase an exhibit addressing today’s world of hip hop trauma and ageism towards mature women in hip hop and a Big Momma message because it’s needed, she states. The event has reserved a space for a sing-a-thon series segment that represents the silenced voices of the non-verbal populations on the Autism Spectrum and gives creators a chance to pledge as a give back lending their voices and talents. Interested creators, vendors and attendees can register, donate and/or pledge at: and will all receive a free download of “The Betta” PSA soundtrack, a musical exhibit piece soon announced to the world titled Heiress I Am, shortly available for pre-order.

Suga-T witnessed such talented “seasoned” black women display their exceptional skills, in the SF, Tenderloin District, at an event hosted by NCLF. She shared, about the upcoming HER Museum Project, were she had given a powerful speech and presence of support. She stands strong about her titling, The “50 the new 30” Series starting with her virtual birthday exhibit 50 and proud of it. Suga-T has experienced discrimination in Hip Hop because of her maturity. She says that while people hide age, especially in entertainment, but she's not. she brings hope to women, especially women in and around hip hop, who are aged out and pushed into retirement early, when men are not. Her goal is to inspire those that are impacted by the unfair systemic acts of today’s society. So, it’s no surprise she would launch a project that highlights the populations that are vulnerable and need support. For interviews inquiries : Ph. 909-545 0791 or email:

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