'Thank Goodness for Chickens' by Alice Mae is published by New Generation Publishing

When conscience challenges faith….

Online PR News – 15-December-2021 – London – ISBN 978-1800310476

“Thank Goodness for Chickens” by Alice Mae is published by New Generation Publishing

When conscience challenges faith….

About the Book:
Polly believes the practice of homosexuality is sinful until…. she is offered hospitality by a gay couple.

Anthony is wracked by guilt because he doesn’t think he is ‘normal’ until…. he faces up to the world.

What a blessing! Ubiquitous chickens don’t worry about these things. How relaxing!

Excerpt from the Book:

‘H-Henry? Well, I should write t-to him. His s-son, Gus, is a c-constant worry. H-he b-bullied me when we were children, and I-I find it difficult to l-like him. Now he’s on drugs and will do anything to feed his h-habit, – never thinks about G-God or the afterlife. B-but perhaps I should be s-sorry for him. He’s a lost s-soul. Uncle H-Henry: h-he means w-well, b-but we have nothing in c-common.’ Anthony told Lucian the story of the bench incident and they shared a moment of restrained amusement.
‘God bless him. We must say more prayers. All is not yet lost.’
Next day Anthony was helping Brother Vincent with the chickens. Vincent was the oldest working brother in the community and suffered from sporadic coughing fits … He sat on an upturned box and told Anthony what needed doing in the shed. ‘I-I never thought I-I’d enjoy cleaning out the h-hen house!’ Anthony said as he dusted himself off. Squawking issued forth from the nesting box and a hen strutted slowly through the doorway looking proud. Anthony collected the egg. The warmth reminded him of his potatoes and his thoughts about God, man, and nature. He placed it in Vincent’s hand.
Vincent turned it in his palm. ‘They don’t know what they’re missing, indoors, do they?’
As Anthony raked over the soil in the chicken-run, missing, missing, kept echoing in his mind and transported him to his garden back home. Missing. Missing. He stopped working and stood up. That’s IT! Uncle Henry was missing Father! A piece of jigsaw fell into place. Is that why the shed door was closed? He knew what was going on. Henry was missing Father; something in the shed reminded him – the garden tools – the boots. He felt a rush of empathy with Henry, then a wave of sadness… for what? For Father! He put the rake down and pulled up a box near to Vincent. ‘M-my f-father’s p-plane was s-shot down in the w-war and w-went down in f-flames. He w-was never f-found.’
Vincent placed a grubby hand on his arm, squeezing it weakly. He confided, ‘Things happened to me a long time ago. Not easy.’ Anthony turned to study Vincent’s face. He was watching the dark clouds looming in the west, but kept his hand on Anthony’s arm, seemingly having forgotten it was there. Anthony’s gaze turned to the chickens scratching contentedly away and pecking up the grit from time to time, not a care in the world. He managed a half smile.
‘Thank goodness for the chickens!’ Vincent turned from the clouds to the busy chickens and his eyes brightened. His hand dropped into his lap.

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