Bit Guardian Launches Bit Game Booster To Take Your Gaming Experience Up A Notch

Bit Guardian has launched of a new powerful gaming software, Bit Game Booster. This application helps its users play games with better performance.

Online PR News – 10-December-2021 – Munich – Known for providing the best software solutions, Bit Guardian has yet again reaffirmed its commitment to user convenience with the launch of a new powerful tool, Bit Game Booster.
Bit Game Booster is designed to transform conventional desktops into perfectly tuned gaming consoles. This mighty tool can update the hardware drivers in users’ PCs to optimize and elevate their gaming performance significantly. Through this application, users will be able to overcome the problem of frequent crashing while playing games. Apart from it, there are many advanced features in this tool to help its users play games with better performance.

Highlights of Bit Game Booster
Complete PC Scan:- Using this unique booster, users will now be able to identify the elements that are negatively affecting their gaming performance in a hassle-free manner. It completely scans PCs to identify drivers which are not up to date and are the cause of the slow and lagging gaming performance of its users.
Single Click Update:- With Bit Game Booster, game enthusiasts will now be able to update all the faulty drivers with a single click.
Back-Up Creation:- To cater to its users’ concerns of losing any important driver by mistake, it lets them take a backup of existing settings.
Top-Notch Performance:- The best thing about Bit Game Booster is it ensures that its users get the best gaming experience possible by updating and tweaking the settings of all the gaming hardware.

How Bit Game Booster improves your gaming experience?
Bit Game Booster is a high-performance gaming software that can optimize users’ system settings to ultimately enhance in-game experiences.
This driver software speaks the language of a computer making it easy for the user's system to tweak hardware as per the gaming needs and ultimately optimize gaming performance. Drivers such as Nvidia drivers, Geforce driver update, Dualshock 3 windows 10 driver, Xbox 360 controller driver, Xbox acc driver can affect the gaming performance significantly. With Bit Game Booster, users can update them to fix bugs and resolve conflicts that can develop in the outdated version. Not only this, with Bit Game Booster, users can dramatically improve the entire PC’s gaming performance in the following ways:-
To provide the best visual gaming experience possible, Bit Game Booster can optimize the performance of graphics cards and make the visuals in games more bright and attractive.
Bit Game Booster goes a step further than its competitors to deal with lag spikes/stutters in games. It can automatically identify the hardware drivers which are slowing your system and crashing your games. By updating them, it prevents further crashing and making your time spent on gaming more valuable and enjoyable.
This ultimate tool ensures that all the hardware is compatible by updating the drivers. By providing better hardware compatibility, it ensures that its users are able to play even bulky games smoothly.
To deal with the issues of poor gaming performance, it scans the whole computer thoroughly, finds faulty drivers, and makes the computer perform optimally. One of the reasons for poor gaming is slow computers, and updating drivers provides a seamless gaming performance.

“We believe that every system is most productive when used at its best capacity. The motive behind developing Bit Game Booster was to give our users an affordable software tool to easily optimize their system into a game machine and let them experience an ultimate gaming experience without burning a hole in their pockets” stated Mr. Lucian Bitai, CEO of Bit Guardian.

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About Bit Guardian
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