Fort Collins Functional Medicine Practitioner Publishes Book

Sarah Thompson, Functional Medicine practitioner and owner of Sacred Vessel Acupuncture in Fort Collins, CO has published a new book –Functional Maternity.

Online PR News – 09-December-2021 – Fort Collins, CO – Sarah Thompson, Functional Medicine practitioner and owner of Sacred Vessel Acupuncture & Functional Medicine in Fort Collins, has published a new book –Functional Maternity.

The book invites providers, birthing professionals, and pregnant people to be the change we need to see in the way we approach maternal and prenatal care. Sarah gives readers the tools necessary to begin making this change. Nutrition has been an under-addressed and underutilized tool in the prevention and treatment of all diseases, but none more than in maternity care. This book looks at the data and emerging science on the topic of functional maternity with the goal of achieving better maternal statistics.

“I just want to improve birth outcomes around the world,” Sarah said. “We have to. Maternal statistics are falling, especially here in the United States, and we must address it. This is how we do it. Through better nutrition. Through functional maternal health.”
Sarah is passionate about this topic and has focused a majority of her career on improving women’s prenatal and maternal health. After witnessing the lack of reliable nutrition information and resources in the maternity care industry, Sarah felt compelled to compile her research and knowledge to share with the world. Her book parses the data in a way that’s easy for providers and pregnant people alike to understand and apply the findings to improve birth outcomes across the globe.

The book is published by Modern Wisdom Press and is currently available on Amazon, Ingram Books, and Lightening Source in both print and e-book format.
“I’m just so excited to get this in the hands of every doctor, midwife, and birthing professional out there. This is the information we need to change the ever-dropping maternal statistics around the globe,” she emphasized.


Sarah Thompson is a certified Functional Medicine Provider and Acupuncturist. Sarah founded Sacred Vessel Acupuncture in 2012, after years of working alongside medical doctors. She has dedicated her practice to helping patients with complicated conditions, and those seeking to improve their health. Her greatest passion is to educate women throughout pregnancy on the vital role nutrition plays in the outcomes of labor.

She has worked in the field for more than 20 years and is a long-time Fort Collins resident. She lives on a small farm with her husband, two children, and their chickens and miniature Hereford cattle.