Nuah Kicks Will Code A 'Libertarian Sovereign World'


Online PR News – 08-December-2021 – Geneva – NUAH ( is creating an intuitive and accessible digital universe where everyone on the planet can interact with each other based solely on the “law of code” instead of freedom-limiting centralized systems, enabling unprecedented creativity to drive humanity’s progress.

NUAH invites the “smartest brains” and most innovative tech talent in the world to join NUAH and help build this revolutionary platform. This special invite marks the kick-off of the global crowdsource and crowd-mine initiative of this intellectual challenge.

An initial 1 Billion USD in the native NUAH Coin is reserved by NUAH Unity Association to reward its volunteers & contributors.

While well-known tech giants hold a monopoly over the legacy tech we use today, NUAH’s upcoming open-source operating system, through its easy-to-use interface, opens up the world of blockchain, crypto, and decentralized internet to any users, regardless of their technical background. “NUAH aims to make interactions with the blockchain, DeFi and Web3 as easy as sending a chat message” states Johan Schotte, Chairman of the Board of NUAH Community Association, the membership and user space of NUAH Unity ASsociation.

The decentralized universe that NUAH is building addresses the following global problems:
Lack of control over personal information
Freedom-limiting centralization
Lack of privacy
Unneeded middleman driving up costs

By addressing these challenges through the use of decentralized technologies, NUAH creates limitless opportunities to generate prosperity.

With this ecosystem, NUAH aims to create a safe digital sovereign world that will not be ruled by local, national and international laws, but instead by the law of code. NUAH is creating a Libertarian suite of digital tools that drives unlimited creativity and progress whereby human interaction is not compromised by human corruption and/or centralized systems. Unbreakable software code will regulate communication, ownership of your own personal data, financial products, digital assets, organizations and governance while providing transparency to all its global users. Decentralization can become a freely available utility for everyone on the planet.

NUAH sets a novel standard for a decentralized future by bringing the value of blockchain to everyone's fingertips through affordable NUAH laptops and smartphones that will be preinstalled with its NUAH operating system.

To fuel this initiative, NUAH launches a revolutionary “mining-made-easy” concept that will be announced later this month. This mining system will allow users from all backgrounds to mine NUAH coins without the need to purchase mining hardware.

About NUAH: NUAH Unity and NUAH Community are Swiss Non-Profit Associations that build a digital libertarian sovereign world that puts everyone on an even playing field with rules that are community governed and enforced by code.

Our documents and digital materials may include predictions, estimates, or other information that might be considered forward-looking. While these forward-looking statements represent our current judgment on what the future holds, they are subject to risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially.

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