Recently Launched French Language Course by Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin has just started a French language course on its platform. Learning French can potentially have many career oriented benefits.

Online PR News – 06-December-2021 – Delhi – Henry Harvin has launched an online course to learn French. The course is carefully tailored to ensure that, upon completion of the course, any individual will be able to contemplate this language effectively. Special attention will be given to the core grammatical concepts. This will amplify the understanding of the language for any individual. Furthermore, After concluding the course, individuals will also be able to perform well in French Language exams, such as DILF, DELF, DALF and more.

The course is divided into 6 parts, each part signifying the level of command over French. A1 and A2 level will be beginners and Upper Beginners level, B1 and B2 will be intermediate and upper intermediate level, and C1 & C2 will be advanced and proficiency level, respectively. While the first 2 levels will take 30 hours each to complete, the other 4 will take 40 hours each to complete. The fee structure for these levels is mentioned in the table below -

A1 - Beginners - USD 300
A2 - Upper Beginners - USD 300
B1- Intermediate - USD 500
B2 - Upper-Intermediate - USD 500
C1 - Advanced USD 800
USD 800

Scope of every module -
A1 - greeting, costing, spelling, basic grammatical frameworks such as genders, articles and adjectives, auxiliary verbs, initiating a conversation and asking questions.
A2 - learning how to talk more about self, stating a decision, explain a cause or reason, describing any element or activity, tenses, prepositions and pronouns.
B1 - Hypothesising, talking about intents and goal, revision of past modules on grammar, introduction to adverbs, subjunctive tone, honing vocabulary and pronunciation.
B2 - Explaining meaning and ideas, playing with proverbs, origin of certain words, nominal sentences, imperative structures, producing various types of spoken and written French.
C1 - Making a presentation, putting forward arguments, nominalisation, past participle vs gerund, understanding accents, conducting business in French, Cinema, literature and History.
C2 - Structure of speech, political and social issues, current affairs, developing listening skills, communicating for official purpose, gastronomy and body language

The batches in this course start every week. These batches are carried out by award winning trainers in the industry. Apart from giving the flexibility of attending unlimited live classes, the platform also provides access to the recorded sessions of previous classes.

Some Benefits of the course are -
Projects and Internships - to gain practical knowledge in this language, students will be able to take multiple projects and internships.
Certification - Henry Harvin, a widely recognised platform, even acknowledged by the government of India, will also provide a certificate of completion.
E-learning and Bootcamps - The course can be accessed from Moodle E-Learning portal as well in the mobile, so that the course can be covered as per convenience. Access will be given to the bootcamps that will be organised for the next 12 months.
Learning Benefits - At the completion of the course, the learner will be able to communicate in French in the finest way possible, attributable to the level of his course, such as making a simple conversation, expressing beliefs and opinions, and building on grammatical concepts as well.
Learning French comes along with many career oriented benefits as well. Absorbing one of the most spoken languages in the world opens up doors to the opportunity of exploring global markets that were once out of reach because of the language barrier. There is a plethora of job options available involving French language like freelancing or full-time professionals. Corporate behemoths such as Google and Amazon prefer hiring individuals who can speak languages such as French.

Henry Harvin is one of the most credible platforms for such courses. Henry Harvin is the winner of the Corporate training award. Its affiliations include associations with EFL, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, UKCert, Project Management Institute and ISO. With 1400+ google reviews, 200+ testimonials written on Youtube and 4.5 rating on Goabroad, Henry Harvin is one of the most reliable places on the internet to study courses like French Language Course.

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