GPN members attend IBTM Barcelona 2021 and hold in person Regional Meeting–first after the pandemic

GPN visited IBTM Barcelona on 30 Nov–1 Dec with a delegation of its members combined with an in person Regional Meeting–first after the pandemic–on 1 Dec 2021.

Online PR News – 04-December-2021 – Kansas – Following the pandemic, and after almost 2 years, Global Passenger Network has re-started attending live trade shows and organizing in person meetings.

A delegation of 10 GPN members from different countries (Belgium, Czech Republic, France, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Morocco, Netherlands, Russia, Spain) visited IBTM Barcelona 2021 to meet with MICE buyers organizing events around the world requiring high quality transportation services in each event’s destination.

The same delegation attended the first in person GPN Regional Meeting since the pandemic on 1st December 2021 in Barcelona, where various important issues were discussed about how we would like to shape the future of our unique, global transportation organization.
Views and ideas were exchanged on how to further develop the organization for the benefit of its 42 members from around the world. Following this very interesting meeting, we now have a clear action plan for GPN for the enhancement of its brand awareness, for facing the new challenges and for the expansion of its network in other continents.

During this Regional Meeting GPN members have progressed immensely in shaping GPN’s Vision for the next 5 years.

We are happy to announce that more in person meetings will follow in 2022 including Annual Sales Meeting that will take place in Dublin, Ireland end of February, 2022 Annual Spring General Meeting that will take place in Lyon, France end of March and 2022 Autumn General Meeting in Buenos Aires, Argentina end of September.

In regards to this Regional Meeting, Agnes Pastuszak, Chairman of GPN, said: “Following this very challenging period for the coach industry, we are happy to finally have the opportunity to meet again in person, attend a trade show as a group, exchange views and ideas on all the issues that have been concerning all our companies and most importantly to plan future actions to ensure that we will achieve the provision of the maximum benefits for our members. The future is very promising for the coach industry and united, GPN members from around the world will overcome all the challenges we are currently facing and will continue to provide high quality, reliable transportation services.”

Notes to editors
Global Passenger Network (GPN), established in July of 2006, is the first international passenger transportation organization of premium national motor coach networks or private companies which enjoy national recognition. Throughout the years it has been steadily adding new members that share the original philosophy of the organization. From its 10 founders, GPN has grown to include 42 members. Although the goal is to offer service in every country around the world, GPN’s focus remains on quality coach hire rather than quantity, and only the best operators are considered for membership.