12thInternationl Conference on Forensic Chemistry and Biochemistry

aims to bring together academics and corporate researchers on one platform.

Online PR News – 30-November-2021 – Zürich – 12th International Conference on Forensic Chemistry and Biochemistry, which will take place on March 23-24, 2022 Zurich, Switzerland , aims to bring together academics and corporate researchers on one platform to explore the topic of advanced research and technology in medical chemistry - legal.

Forensic chemistry and Biochemistry provides greater application to law enforcement. Many different analytical methods can be used to reveal chemical changes that have occurred in an accident and thus help reconstruct the sequence of events. Extensive techniques that fall under forensic chemistry are capillary electrophoresis in forensic chemistry, applications of ICPMS in chemical analysis of forensic evidence, automation of forensic laboratories, studies case study on drug profiling, method development and applications of LCMS / MS in forensic analysis that is used for the identification of pharmaceuticals.

This conference provides a global forum for Academics, Deans, Academic Experts, Industrialists, Nutritionists, Dietician, Doctors, Young Scientists, Students, Delegates, Nutritionists, and talented understudy groups from universities and research laboratories to share the most recent advancements in the fields of food science, pharma and health to participate at Forensic Chemistry

This conference will primarily focus on forward-thinking advances and advancements in the field of Forensic Chemistry. Forensic Chemistry is the branch of science dedicated to the study of chemistry.