VectorViewer: One-stop shop providing turnkey solutions for enterprise document management to publish Fillable Forms, view documents in HTML5 viewer seamlessly

Online PR News – 27-November-2021 – Marlton, NJ – November 2021: Document Management is one aspect of any business which helps in simplifying and expediting processes seamlessly. Moreover, personalizing communication and experience for customers is something brands just can’t miss out on. According to Accenture, 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them.
This is why storing and strategically utilizing big data is proving to be a game-changer for businesses. But just data production is not the key; businesses require a unified platform that can manage all document-related queries and provide end-to-end turnkey solutions for enterprise document management seamlessly. Fortunately, VectorViewer is a platform that businesses can trust to manage their documents in the fastest and the most secure way. VectorViewer is a one-stop solution that offers a robust and comprehensive Enterprise Document Product Suite.

VectorViewer offers full-stack features like HTML5 Viewer, Annotator, Fillable Forms, eForms, Document Management System, Document Conversion, Comparison & Cloud Storage, among others. One of the two main features is the HTML5 document viewer that helps users to view documents stored on a cloud and enables them to edit, convert, annotate and save them back to the cloud. In simple words, VectorViewer enables businesses to retrieve & process documents from the cloud by easing out viewer integration with any existing Web Application via APIs.

Facilitating a power-loaded Modern Browsers support, the HTML5 Document Viewer is a must-have for enterprises since it supports a wide range of file formats for viewing documents. This means that companies don’t need to install multiple expensive and licensed software in an employee’s system for them to view work-related documents. These HTML5 viewers are smart enough to recognize different file formats ranging from PDF, Word, Excel, JPG, PNG, TIFF, HTML, TXT, ODT, etc., and present files to the users in the most efficient way.
The other important feature which solves a larger industry problem is VectorViewer's Fillable Forms. It is a complete end-to-end solution using which clients can pick up pre-designed PDF forms and upload them to VectorViewer's dashboard to write advanced business rules around the form using the Forms Designer and publish them once everything looks good.
What’s more- these published Fillable Forms can now be sent to end-users either as a standalone form or integrated with any existing enterprise application using VectorViewer APIs. The submitted data is saved to the cloud for future references and to ensure there is no loss of data at any cost. VectorViewer also offers customized features for forms to be published either optionally with some pre-filled data or only for data collection purposes. The platform also facilitates seamless e-sign or digital signatures using DocuSign.
Additionally, VectorViewer's Fillable Forms product is a multi-tenant/ multi Environment supported application which means that you can have multiple clients using VectorViewer independently on the same installation. VectorViewer also offers a powerful client dashboard to support this multi-tenant feature. Users have the ability to set up workflow around fillable forms so that multiple users can fill the form one by one. For this, users simply need to set up roles in the VectorViewer dashboard and then link the role to a specific field in the form. This essentially allows the flexibility for a user with that specific role to have the ability to enter data.
VectorViewer offers two models - SaaS & On-Prem, and both offer the same robust HTML5 Viewer solution. While the first one is a simple signup process to get started, the On-Prem solution needs a client AWS account, and the VectorViewer's auto-deploy tool gets you up and running in less than 30 minutes. What differentiates VectorViewer from its competitors is that all of its solutions are end to end and support API-based integrations for any large enterprise product. Moreover, there is no tight coupling, and this gives the flexibility for easy upgrades and running the document management software efficiently as an independent microservice.

About VectorViewer: VectorViewer is an independent software company providing enterprises with a suite of products for document viewing, editing, annotating, conversion comparing, life cycle management, and PDF Fillable Forms. It is backed by a powerful PDF Engine that helps speed up and enhance document and image processing at every point in the document lifecycle, providing the smoothest user experience for an end-user.

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