Aphasia Readers unveils new book to help adults with aphasia

Aphasia Readers, LLC debuted their new book, Aphasia Readers: Level 1, to help adults with aphasia read aloud as a form of speech practice.

Online PR News – 25-November-2021 – Canton, GA – Aphasia Readers, LLC released the first of three books, Aphasia Readers: Level 1, to help adults with aphasia practice reading aloud on a simple level. Aphasia, a speech and comprehension disorder most often caused by stroke, can rob a person of their ability to communicate. The damaged parts of the brain that once fueled speech are no longer there, but through repetitive practice, those pathways can be rerouted to improve and regain speech. Prior to this resource becoming available, adults would result to children’s books to practice on a simple level. Still, they proved to be irrelevant and a bit demeaning.

Anna Teal, the author of Aphasia Readers, wrote the book after realizing a significant gap in resources after her husband, Ryan, suffered a stroke at the age of 34 that left him with aphasia. “We would have a good laugh while reading various children’s books, but I could tell Ryan needed a more comprehensive tool that was more relevant to him and his needs,” explained Anna. “After sharing the idea with close friends in our stroke and aphasia networks, it was clear that we needed to develop this book. We enlisted the help of the Mary A. Rackham Institute University Center for Language and Literacy at the University of Michigan to help us develop the book along with our neuro team,” said Anna.

The book is a collection of six total sessions comprised of relevant content for practice. Each session includes functional phrases that an adult would typically use during their day-to-day life, along with icons and visual support to help with word retrieval. At the end of each session, there are intricate illustrations to practice writing and customizable sections for a more personalized approach. Because those with aphasia have trouble engaging in dialogue, the book is written in this way to improve communication with others and reduce the loneliness they so often feel. The reader can practice by themselves or with a caregiver. Practice can be scaled by reading one session or multiple a day, depending on fatigue level.

A portion of the proceeds from each book goes to create aphasia awareness and help others afford intensive speech therapy, which is very expensive and often not covered by insurance. Two more books are planned for release in 2022 to give readers a variety of topics and levels of practice.
Aphasia Readers: Level 1 can be purchased on aphasiareaders.com and Amazon.

About Aphasia Readers, LLC
Aphasia Readers is passionate about one thing – aphasia. Their mission is to provide accessible and affordable supplementary speech practice tools for adults in the aphasia community to help pave the way for a successful recovery.
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