Crowdpoint Technologies, Inc.

Crowdpoint Technologies, Inc. Announces Dr. Wolf Kohn As Chief Scientist for Its New Blockchain Technology

Online PR News – 25-November-2021 – London – CrowdPoint Technologies, Inc. (CrowdPoint), a Blockchain Ecosystem and Exchange platform,
named Dr. Wolf Kohn, Ph.D. as its Chief Scientist to head AI and optimization initiatives for its
nextgen blockchain powering an eleven-sector public-private Blockchain Ecosystem Exchange
(BEX) strategy.

“I am elated to be working with Dr. Kohn again”, said Sean Brehm, Chairman & CEO of
CrowdPoint. “Dr. Kohn and I wrote a paper in 2015 about analytic tomographs and the potential
for optimization on networks. To have the opportunity to work with him on applying these
concepts on the blockchain has me excited to get up and work each day”.

Dr. Kohn focuses his work and research on extending hybrid systems to quantum control and
rule-based multi-criteria optimization and inferencing.

Dr. Kohn joins CrowdPoint from Veritone, Inc. (NASDAQ: VERI), a leading provider of artificial
intelligence (AI) technology and solutions, where he served as Chief Scientist and developed
CDI applications. Dr. Kohn will continue to serve on the Company’s Technical Advisory Board.
In the past, Dr. Kohn served as the Head of Research for High-Speed Trading at SEQA Capital
Advisors, LP. Previously, he was the Co-founder, Chief Scientist, and Director at Clearsight
Systems; Co-founder of Kohn-Nerode, Inc; and, Chief Researcher at Lockheed Corporation at
NASA Johnson Space Center. In addition, Dr. Kohn has 25 patents and has authored four
books and over 300 papers in optimal hybrid control and quantum control, estimation and
learning systems, and architectures. He is currently working on a book on metacontrol. Dr. Kohn
received his M.S. and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science from the
Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Before entering the private sector, Dr. Kohn served as Professor of Electrical Engineering at
Rice University and as Professor in Industrial and Systems Engineering at the University of
Washington. He recently joined the faculty of Drexel University.

“I am truly excited to join this team”, said Dr. Kohn. “Sean and I are long-time colleagues and I
jumped at the opportunity to help improve blockchain performance through optimization and
inferencing”. Dr. Kohn brings tremendous energy and experience to CrowdPoint. He completed
work on building scalable and programmable multifrequency, multi-blockchain forecasters for
value and risk to define optimal compute cycles in his first month. This is crucial for the
performance of vast, highly distributed blockchain systems, which tend to be resource-intensive,
and thus both expensive and environmentally inefficient.

Dr. Kohn's advances in optimization homogenize the 11 publicly traded market sectors. It
establishes a cross-sector financial metric to assess investment performance within a private
blockchain financial ecosystem by forecasting the return of the tokenized portfolio relative to a
digital asset acting as a risk-free rate and dividing it by the standard deviation of the portfolio's
excess returns. He and his team will provide public and private financial markets with a
forecasted measurement of the instrument’s volatility.

Additionally, Dr. Kohn will help drive improved commerce transactions using big data and
blockchain as part of a shared services department within the company.
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